1 The First Day

There was a long knocking on the door. A young man got up and started to get up. He remembered that he hated life and stayed still in bed. He starts to laugh.

"Aren't you having a great time God?! Why do I have to stay in this world!"

"Stop yelling you F*cking kid!"

He groans and gets up, but right as he stepped in to floor, a old wringled hand wraps around he ankle and starts to pull him under the bed. He screams and wakes up.

"Just a dream?" He sighs a sigh of relief, but then looks at his ankle where he got grabbed and blew out another sigh of relief. There was nothing there. This young man is named Strange. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is 17 years old and his height is 5"11 and he has a sister, but sometimes he hates her. He always is the introvert who hates his family, but that is only because his family hates him.. He doesn't want to live like this anymore.

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"What do you want Rachel?!"

"Your lucky I'm nice to you! I could just send you back to our parents!"

A quick panic shoots through his insides. He comes down quickly to see his sister making him breakfast.

"Doesn't it look good?" Strange sees his sister look at him with gleaming eyes and he can't refuse.

"Yeah. Of course it does!"

"Alright well you better go to school you know. It starts in like...five minutes..."

"Yeah I don't want to. Can you just pretend that I'm sick?"

"No." Rachel gives him a serious look. Strange has no other choice than to go, but he doesn't want to know what will happen when he gets there.

"Hey Rachel do you mind driving me?"

"Why?" He starts to give her the puppy eyes.

"Fine." Strange feels relieved now. They pull up to the school. Of course, he is there.

"Hey nerd! Come over here you little introvert." The guy stops.

"R R Rachel...Why are you uh here?" She gives him a serious look.

"What do you want Josh?" her voice is cold and Josh starts to back off.

"This won't be the end and you know it Strange." He gives Strange one last look before leaving. Strange never knew why he was afraid of his sister, but if it helped him get that guy away, ten he'll take that risk. The thing is, he didn't need to keep him away for very long.

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