1 part one

this was my last day with my mom before I go to live with my dad. luckily i didn't move during my junior. I woke up to see my stuff packed in boxes. I check my phone .

*1 message from ash*

*2 missed calls from dad*

*you have a new follower*


"bro can we meet up before you leave" -ash

"sure, just say the time and place and i'll be omw"

"meet me at the park in 5"-ash

cool, see ya there"

"see ya"-ash

i turn my phone off and get changed into an outfit i set out the night before. i wore and pair of black ripped jeans, a black hoodie with a rose on it, my vans and and a beanie. though we lived in California i was used to the heat.

"hey Taylor, where are you going" my mom asked me when i got into the kitchen

"i'm meeting up with ash before i leave for dads" i tell her

"alright Taylor, be careful" she tells me

"i will mom"i say closing the door behind me

i love my mom, i do but i think this will be good for both of us... i think...

i get to the park and see ash sitting against a tree.

"hey bro" i greet him

"hey Taylor"

"whats up?'' i ask him

"oh- i - just wanted to give you my hoodie so you don't forget me" he stutters

"i won't forget you bro, we've been friends since we were kids" i tell him

"true , imma miss you Taylor"

"imma miss you too ash"

if were being totally being honest I've liked ash since we were 9. he's just so him but he probably doesn't feel the same.

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