The Day Of The Eclipse Book

novel - Fantasy

The Day Of The Eclipse


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A world full of landscapes and creatures that threaten human life every other day, cities and towns surrounded by Dragons and night crawlers, always out hunting for blood. Forests and dungeons filled with deadly monsters and beasts. Corrupt empires and kingdoms with full control over entire cities, however even the rich cannot always stay safe in this cursed world, humans are at the bottom layers of the food chain, with barely any room to evolve. Connected realms and dimensions that parallel the main universe, with transcendent higher existent beings with full control over infinite multiverses, they stand atop the heavens, gazing down at the lowly beings that live in the mortal realms, this story takes place in a world where there is no mortal that can stand against nature and defy the laws of the universe, a hierarchy that cannot be disrupted or changed. This story follows the life of a 17 year old boy, on his quest for power, knowledge and revenge, Reinhard Ferdinand, the heavenly demon.


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