10 Part 2

Chapter 10

Somewhere in the city of London. A girl and a boy was in a alley of that city. The were standing. They were standing besides a wooden crate that was left in the alley. People were walking on the main road. That girl was Natsumi and the boy was Ban.

Ban was feeling tired. His face turns into red. He replies to Natsumi while taking some long breaths in some place of his reply to her like this:"Ple....ase no mo....re"

Natsumi was standing behind him. She was laughing. Her face was also red. She asks him with a evil smile on her face like this :"I am sorry. I didn't understand. What are you saying?" Though she heard him at the first time.

Ban face gets more red. He was still taking some breath as if he is really out of breath. He downcast his eyes. He holds his breath for more than thirty seconds.

Natsumi was amazed by how long he is holding his breath. She asks him with amazed face like this "How long for you can stop your breathing?"

He didn't reply to her immediately. After holding his breath fifty seconds he took his breath. He takes some consecutive heavy breaths at once. His face that was red turns to normal. Ban replies to her like this :"Wait a minute." He took some consecutive breaths again and he continues his reply to her like this :"I want to rest. I don't have enough stamina."

Natsumi sits down on the carton. She replies to him like this:''Okay. You can rest for a bit since you already made a full map of London in the ground with a chalk and your great memory. You can take a rest while I look at the pictures of the places we visited."

Ban stops breathing heavily and consecutively. Ban replies to her like this ;"Someone must have had the wrong idea about what we were doing in here and thought of something really bad."

Natsumi looks around cause she thought that somebody around them saw what they were doing. But she saw no people around them. Neither no one was watching them on top of the closes building from the alley they were standing. She asks him why he asked that like this :"What are you talking about?" She continues her reply to him like this :"Nobody is watching us."

Ban didn't talked about the people who were watching them up close. Since no one was watching them in there. He was talking about the people who are seeing and reading this on a safe distance. He well knew that even if he explained everything to her she might not know anything about this. So he said this to her :"It's nothing. It maybe my imagination."

Ban's head falls to the ground after he said that. He lies down on the ground. While he is taking a rest she took the pictures he captured and sees the picture one by one. If she already see the picture she just throw the picture beside him. She took a picture of them in the Bermuda Triangle. It was written on the back of the pictures. In every pictures backside the name of the place that picture was written.

She said this to him while looking at the picture of the Bermuda triangle :"I will never go in there again."

Ban was really tired so he didn't even try to sit down and reply to her. He took a peak at the picture. By taking a peak of that he understands that the picture was the picture of Bermuda triangle.

He replies to her while lying on the ground like this :"You are the one who wanted to go in there. You were begging me and complaining and bad mouthing me to go in there even though I told you that it was dangerous."

He was telling the truth. He really did warned her about that. But she didn't listen to him. Even Natsumi knew it. Though Natsumi complaints about that to him like this :"Who would have thought there would be a giant kraken in there. You didn't even told me that." He throws that picture beside him right after she said that to him.

Ban really did warned her about that place though he didn't told her every little bit of details. He only said the important parts. He replies to her like this :"I didn't told you because that wasn't the biggest and the highest class of monster in there. But I told you about the fifteen thousand feet tall black dragon Argon."

Natsumi tries to act innocent by replying to him with a very innocent looking face as if she really didn't know about that like this :"Did you said that?"

Ban replies to her affirmatively like this :"Yes"

Natsumi tries to dodge that subject of talking. Since she knew I'd he somehow proves by arguing with her that he was right from the beginning she will be really angry and disappointed on her that she didn't win the argument. She tries to change the subject by replying to him and wishing for her next wish like this "Let's go Antarctica next."

Ban didn't try to turn this into a quarrel or argument so he left that subject as it is. He replies to her like this :"You can't survive with this outfit. It's too cold in there."

Natsumi wasn't surprised by that. Since she already knew that it is world most coldest place. So she asks him for a solution she thought of like this :"Really? Then give me the outfit that can make me stay there even for a spilt second."

Ban creates a portal without any magic enchantments or power like before like and some very big jacket and comes out from it. The jacket was bigger than both him and her combined. It was too oversized. The jacket almost looked like a blanket. She wasn't amused or happy by looking at the jacket. She was really unhappy with it since she thought that he is making fun of him for before.

Natsumi looks at him and asks him with a unamused face like this :"Are you joking with me?"

Ban wasn't trying to get back at her for before. He was really telling her the truth and she needed this to survive in that continent. He replies to her negatively like this :"No."

Natsumi understand that he isn't joking but he was indeed telling the truth. Though she didn't realize why she needed that blanket looking thing. She replies to him with angry voice like this:"Then what is this? This just a GIANT BLANKET!!"

It was really a blanket. Though Ban didn't get angry but he was kind of irritated. He replies to her while lying down on the ground like this :"Yes it's a blanket. I didn't give you the jacket cause it will take time and there is a chance that you will froze after a second in there with that."

She thought to herself [Then how can a blanket can save me then?] He also continues his reply to her like this :"Also you don't have much time to live. You are talking and it's making you lose your precious left time."

Natsumi wasn't amused by that. She couldn't argue further. She replies to him like this:"Okay then. I am going but I will remember this." Since she actually doesn't have that much time.

Afterwards she took that giant blanket and wears it all over herself. Ban create a portal to Antarctica for her to go in there. Natsumi starts going to Antarctica. Natsumi asks him while entering the portal :"Won't you go with me?"

Ban replies to her while lying down on the ground with his face on the ground too like this :"Let me rest"

Natsumi replies to him like this :"Okay. But don't close the portal."

Ban replies to her like this :"Ok. Ok" He than closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

She enters the portal. Five minutes later she comes out of the portal and she was almost frozen. She yells at him with angry voice while being almost becoming frozen :"THE BLANKET DIDN'T DO ANY HELP AT ALL!!!"

Ban wakes up from his sleep. He looks at her and he replies to her with a sleepy voice :"You 'He yawns' came back."

Natsumi gets more angry by his behavior and lack of interest. She yells at him with angry voice again like this :"WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING?!!!! I ALMOST DIED BY FREEZING TO DEATH!!!"

Ban looks at her again after rubbing his eyes since he was sleeping and couldn't look and understand that she was almost frozen. He got surprised after looking at her and he replies to her with a surprised voice like this :"You almost gotten to ice!!!. Let me warm you up."

Ban creates a portal above her. She saw above her and see that portal. Hot water start falling from up there. The places that got frozen in her body vaporized by the heat of the water in just a second. Though she couldn't feel how hot it was since she was almost frozen.

Ban didn't knew if she was fully warmed up. He asks her to be sure like this :"Are you warmed up?"

Natsumi replies to him while holding her anger like this :"Yes" though she was completely wet because of the water.

Ban replies to her the reason why she gotten this much frozen like this :"Let me then answer you for the reason you almost freeze to the death. Cause you it was -60°c there. Even if you took three blanket you might have get frozen."

Natsumi replies to him with her wet unamused face like this :"You should have told me before going there."

Ban sits down on the nearby crate. He replies to her question like this :"I was resting"

Natsumi gets a bit angry at him. She thought to herself [He is making me mad]

Ban remember that he wanted to ask her something. He asks her like this:"There was something I wanted to ask you about"

Natsumi asks him about that like this :"What is it?" She thought to herself right after she said that to him [I hope it's not something stupid] Since she was still angry at him she thought that.

Ban asks her the question he wanted to ask like this :"Why did believe in me?"

Natsumi said this :"Huh?" She said it like that cause she couldn't hear what he said.

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Ban asks her the same question again like this :"I told that why did believe in me saying that you will die at that time?"

Natsumi listens to him this time. She replies to his question like this :"Oh! Because you have shown me your power. You could kill me anytime by teleporting me in top a lava pit or teleporting me into the top of everest with nothing and let me did there. Even now you could have killed me by giving me nothing to wear so I would freeze to death. You didn't even kill me even after I have being rude at you. Since you could have killed me at the very beginning. But you didn't do it. Then I thought to myself why a guy with this power would make a joke about my death and waste his time on a girl he never talked to if he could just do anything in the entire world with his power. It's because you are the messenger of God. Right after you said that I believed in you."

Ban was really amazed by her explanation. He replies to her like this :"That's just some very large explanation. Still I didn't think you would be this kinda girl." He continues his reply to her but he said this silently so she couldn't hear it :"That make people work for themselves if they find the chance."

Natsumi heard that and she gets a bit angry. She asks him with a irritated voice like this :"Is something wrong with that?"

Ban realizes that she heard what he didn't want her to hear. He panics and replies to her like this :''N-No it's perfectly fine." He continues his reply to her by asking like this :"So what's your next wish?"

Natsumi wishes for her next from him right after he asked that to her like this :"Lets go to Makkah next."

Ban creates a portal to go to Makkah. They both enters the portal this time. Ban enters first and Natsumi enters later. They took some pictures of that place. They were teleported in a building roof after entering the portal. They went to the Holy place of all Muslim, the holy mosque of Kaaba. Though they didn't enter it. Since they weren't Muslim and it will be very awkward to enter it without being Muslim. They went to The Zam Zam Tower and saw it from one of floor up in that skyscraper. They rent a room in there. They was in there. Ban took some pictures of the holy mosque.

Natsumi amazed by how many people are in the Mosque of Kaaba. She asked him like this :"How many people are there is on that place?"

Ban replies to her questions like this :"About three or five hundred thousand people."

Natsumi is more amazed by his reply and asks him again but with different question like this :"Oh my God! Is Islam the biggest religion?"

Ban sits down on a chair on that room. He takes a glass of water drinks the water. He then replies to her like this :"It is the second biggest. In the very near future it will become the biggest religion In the world."

Natsumi was more amazed now. She was looking at the holy place from up there. She replies to him while looking at there like this :"I can't even wonder how many people will be here in the future or how big it will be."

He was feeling hot. Sweat starts coming out from his body even though the AC was on in that room of the floor. He isn't really that good with hot weather. He couldn't handle it. It was 40°c at there. Though she was completely fine. He suggests her to leave like this :"Let's go back to Japan. This country is one of the hottest country in the world."

Natsumi agrees to him by nodding her head. He then creates a portal to Japan and they enters the portal. They went back to Japan. They were teleported above one of the buildings in the Shibuya district.

Ban was really eager to ask her a question. He looks at her and asks her the question like this :"How you can take this heat wearing this clothes?"

Natsumi really didn't have any clue. Maybe it's just how are body works. It must be that she was born heat resistant from the beginning. He replies to his question like this :"Who knows?" She continues her reply to him by asking him like this :"How many minutes left before I will die?"

Ban replies to her questions like this :"About ten minutes"

Natsumi surprised by his reply. She startles and she yells at him not because of that she is angry but rather because she is so surprised like this :"TEN MINUTES!?

Ban replies to her like this :"Yes. Only ten minutes."

Natsumi couldn't believe it in the first time but when he told her the same thing twice she believed in him. She starts to panick. She replies to him like this :"I didn't know that. Let me think"

Ban replies to her like this :"This maybe your last after all you don't have much time to live. I also have other works to do. So what will it be?" He looks at the hand watch he and in his left arm.

Natsumi starts panicking by hearing that from him and she thought to herself [What am I gonna ask? I can't make him wait long also if I ask to go somewhere it will take time. What can I ask? I remembered] suddenly she remembered the dream she saw almost a weak ago. The old girl of that dream asking to fulfill her dream. A dream that she didn't tell Natsumi.

Ban asks her what she wants to do without further talking since he have other works to do like this :"So what are you gonna ask for your last wish?"

Natsumi replies to him like this:"I don't know what to ask or wish for"

Ban thought maybe she is nervous that it maybe her last wish that can be fulfilled. But she replied like that cause she didn't know how to fulfill that women's wish since she didn't know what it is. He replies to her to make her rest assured and relax like this:"Don't worry it will anything you want. Though I can't fulfill those five wish."

Natsumi was still confused and puzzled what to wish for. She couldn't come up with any idea or any kind of wish she wants or that replies to him like this :"I.. I don't.. don't wanna die."

Ban was surprised and all he could say to her was this with a surprised face :"Huh?!"

Nine minutes left before she will die

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