1 (-Character Info-)

☆Mizuki Yokai (Mizuchan)☆

Age : 16

Gender : Female

Personality : Determined , Cool , Calm, Patient, Strong , Positive , Loving , Carefree , Serious (at times), Agreeable , Extraverse , Conscientious , Open-minded.

Likes : Everything but villains

Dislikes : Villains , Failing , Hopeless , her friends dying.

Family :

Yui Yokai ( Mother ) ( diseased)

Akari Yokai (Big Sister) (diseased)

Mizuki's father is unkown.....

Quirk : Half Moon Half Sun (Ultra-rare)

Left side (Moon) : Sprout One black wing,

Decay,Black Ice.

Right side (Sun) : Sprout One White wing,


Mizuki is known to live with Izuku and Inko.

Inko accepted Mizuki humbly into their home and treated her as her own.

Mizuki has known Izuku as her nonbiological brother but she didnt know Izuku was friends with Katsuki.

Mizuki fell inlove with Katsuki..however She didnt know that He also fell for her.

Mizuki also went to Aldera junior high (Izuku and Katsuki's Junior school).