1 The Day Before We Met

chapter 1

*14 year ago*

you wake up and see a light coming from your door , you walk slowly and peaking . You see your mother and your father fighting again , then a young boy come to your room and hug you " it's okay , oppa always with you" that boy said . You can feel the love from him ..... Suddenly your father came and pull that boy away from you , you shouted his name while crying " Oppa !!" . You trying to catch them but your mother hold you ... you and that boy crying ,trying to run . But they get out from your house and go away ... since that day you never saw your brother again ~


"ahhhh!!" you scream , you wake up and cry .... you stil can remember that day but 14 years ago . Then your mom shouted " Soomi !!! wake up , you gonna be late for your first day of school " . You wipe your tears and go to your bathroom

After shower , you go to your clothes and take your uniform " hahahaha is this my uniform ??? it look liked barbie dress !! " you laughed , you quickly wear it and run to the kitchen " good morning mom ~ " you hug her , then you mom give you a cereal while talking " Soomi , please i begging you .. this year you have move to almost 37 school ..please change your phobia to men , im tired to find another school .. bla bla bla bla " your just ignore your mother .. Well , it's true you have a phobia to men , every time there's any boy want to get near you . you gonna punch on their face πŸ˜… .... "i feel unsafe with oppa" ..

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