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The Day!


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The day I wear my heart on my sleeve and let you undress my covered soul, that'll be the day when I succumb to your otherwise cold heart and let you fill that huge black hole. This is a journey of transformation of a girl into a resilient women. (All you have to do is, enjoy that journey) Amor already knew that she had a very fragile and a vulnerable heart, but she also knew she had the perfect mask to cover it all with the facade she kept, an identity she was admired for - “A Strong girl and later a lady”. Colleague: hey you bi***, you don't belong here!!!!! Amor: OH, hello there! I almost forgot your Introduction, thanks for reminding your name, B.I.T.C.H is it? Not so pleasure meeting you! 'And there she goes making enemies again.' ************************ In City X: Klaus, a young psychologist and an ace entrepreneur, a best among best. He thought he knew everything that the world had to offer, but until one day he met that perfect lady (Amor). Klaus: ***Blankly stares*** Amor: ***Blankly stares*** Klaus: 'Who's this kitten, she dares looking me in the eye, intersting!' Amor: 'What are his eyes, X-ray machine? I'm getting chills all over my body' What will happen when these not so perfect counter parts of each other meet? Join the journey of Amor keeping her strong facade and Klaus trying to discern the first difficult puzzle that life had offered him. Declaration: This story is straight out of my imagination, no characters exist in real life. However, if you find some problems with it, drop a comment in the Commet box.