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The Dawn of the New World


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What is The Dawn of the New World

Read The Dawn of the New World novel written by the author shinigami8671 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering romance, adventure, cultivation, magic, future. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


NOTE: The novel has been moved to the link below due to licensing reasons, all new chapters will be posted there. https://www.webnovel.com/book/the-dawn-of-the-new-world_17958180305720005 Join OFFICIAL Discord before starting the novel: https://discord.gg/AHdSBFQ Some very important information and updates there (especially if you are a paying user)! The world ended in 2012. Hao Xuan was transported to a brand new place along with the rest of humanity. The novel follows his adventures through this vast new plane, fighting men and beasts alike, making friends, finding love, and etching out his own existence in the vast universe. All the monsters from your dreams, stories, and movies are real in this fantastical place. Authors notes: I know it might seem like things have taken a big turn out of nowhere around chapter 14, but I assure you that if you keep reading, it will ALL make sense (around chap 92 I believe is where its explained). Remember, EVERYTHING is connected, more or less. The most insignificant things could have a huge impact on the story or the biggest thing could not influence it at all, at least not from what you can see. The whole point of the novel is for you to be as surprised as the main character, feel what he is feeling etc, so some things have to be kept hidden. You won't always see things from every perspective. My advice, relax, put on some good music and read, its going to be an "experience" if I can get my vision out to you guys properly.


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It's amazing how the story could literally go any direction and keep the reader anticipating what happens next. Nearly a chapter release every single day shows that the writer has the passion for it!


This is some quality writing right here. Each chapter is pretty long. Depictions of the beasts are well made and links to images are supplemented, giving a more concrete image of the world. Good stuff dude, gotta give props.


65 chapters in, I think I can proudly say that you won't be disappointed by this. I waited almost 2 months to give a review because I wanted to be sure this was something I wanted to see till the end. I have paid a lot of attention to the world and the people inside it, there is something for everyone. And I do have to point out that you will see some names that you might recognize, these are from some manga's, anime or even novels. but that's about it. I only used the names of characters that I have liked over the years so this is my way to let them live on, but make no mistake, these are JUST namesakes and have no connection with their counterparts.


Absolutely loving the build up and background. The characters are cool and the directions the story is going, so far, feels right. Keep up the awesome work. The New World is exciting. Wish it was for real. Lol. Can't wait for more stuff soon.


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personally just being a bit greedy here would love more updates but since it is an original i can’t fault you but i must say it is great that you concentrate on finishing tgis novel instead of being ambitious and doing multiple novels cause people who do that tend to drop the novels or the story becomes worse.


Awesome story, one of the best books i've read till now. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ -------------------


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In Earth,southeast asia,Burma republic nation,at May Town,normal guy working as a monk for 8 days with a boring life died at night during sleep,painless death.His soul is collected be a only remaining Goddess of moon. MC:where am I? He is currently at a room with ancient decoration. Goddess:hello,Wunna,Im a sole Goddess of All Universe. Wunna:Oh,You are a Goddes?So where are the other Gods?Why am I here? Goddess:You are dead during sleep and I called you because Im a lonely God and bore to dead and I called you because I want you accesend into Godhood.I need a partner or husband for coming eternity.But I cannt make you a God now,I dont have enough power for that.You have to achieve in mortal world,so I will send you to parallel Earth with some Immortal gifts.About other Gods,millions years ago,A war break out and all the gods including Olympians,Asgards and Jade palace died due to supreme destruction wepon and I was lucky due to visiting at mortal realms.So Im the lonly one now.I choose you to be my Husband because you never **** a virgin and only prostitutes and whores.So I pity you and you have good deeds by not committing any crimes.Then Im a Virgin Goddes,I will await you until you become a god.Satisfied now,future hubby? Wunna:wow,thats awesome.Ok,I will become a god,so send me into low realm. Goddess:I can give you ,immortality, not a weapon or thing in that world can bleed you,you will be forever young and Strength of a hundred men,speed of the fallen star,can teleport within a thousand miles and character creation.But you have to become a god before that world aged and destroyed by comprehending laws and emotions,you can do whatever you want in that world.Enjoy the funs,dont forget that Im waiting yiu,love.Now create your body. Wunna:thanks you,honey.I need six ** ab,6 ft 2in tall,white skin,face of Damon of Devil may cry game. Goddess:Granted,I will send you into that world, have funs.bye. Wunna:hahha,thanks sweethear In a forest, suddenly a space rip appear and a man was walking off.He is tall and white skin ,muscular slim body and black short hairs and blue eyes.He is wearing a V shaped neck black T-shirt ,Long cotton black coat,black fit pant,military boots,A sword looks like one in Lord of the rings movie which is mc king's sword.Sword is silver colour similar cross-guard. Wunna:Wow,here Iam with awesome physiqe and powers.hahahha.I need to know where am I and where is nearest town.I will teleport into next 500 miles to the west. Suddenly,3D door appear near a city,a man walk off.Ohh,I see a city now,I will explore and get intel and time to have funs. 4 horse pulling carriage was moving in a road lead to the Paris, and 20 knights are escorting it.In the carriage,a princess was sitting with 2maids. Elena,maid:Princess-sama,we are arriving soon.The king will be very happy to see you.You are the only daughter. Princess Catherine:I really miss my parents. Suddenly the carriage stop,a knight is knotting in the window. Knight:your highness,a man is stopping our carriage looks like a bandid with weired clothes.Should we kill or catch him? Princess:just catch him that stupid peasant.Dont bother with small matter. Knight cap:hey peasant, move away or die. Wunna:I just want to talk and you want me die,you mere mortal,kneel or disperse. kmight cap:just beat him to dead my guys. 2knights with shining silver armor came forward and they punch at him and their hands cracked . 2 knights screamed. Wunna came forward and beat the whole 20 knights like bullying.Wunna came to the carriage and open the door.He see 3 beauties,one of them like a princess. Princess:How dare you insult me in my kingdom,peasant?What do you want?You will not get away,the whole Europe will after you if you do something to me? Wunna:wow.Im scared my love.ah ah.hehe.I laugh.Initially I just want to ride a carriage but your bodyguards are so rude.so things get ugly.So if you dont want to get raped or killed,lead me to your palace now.I will take one of the horses now. Princess:Ok,lets see if you still dare arrogant in front of my father royal knights and mages.Set off. Wunna:oppos,Im scared.Unfortunately for you,nothing in this world harm me.Whatever,go quickly and serve me a cup of wine.I miss the cigrattes. The maids quickly serve him a wine bottle.Wunna quickly drink the wine and feel relax by rising Knight's armored horse.The group move into the palace.


Have read over 200 chapters as of this review and I've got to say, one of the best novels on this platform to date. I'd say it's on par with number one dungeon supplier, cultivation chat group, and release that witch. Well thought out world with characters that u can sympathize with and want to root for at times. There are times when mc is a hypocrite and makes some questionable decisions but overall great story. Mc has some funny and amusing moments with other characters at times. My one and only wish is that it would make the story better if the character went through more internal battles/struggles on a moral standpoint more than he has now cuz up to this point he has done some questionable actions that aren't up to par as the "good guy" that's he is supposed to be, right now he's more middle of the road maybe chaotic neutral or evil neutral alignment as of now which does make for a kind of interesting story so far I guess. Overall great story and would recommend


Truly deserves a much higher rating found this near randomly reading a comment on another novel. Slow pace as far as LN's are concerned but that is a plus in this case. The story telling, development, and pervasive attitude that the world doesnt revolve around the mc make this novel unique. From a world of cultivation written in a way where cultivation is almost secondary compared to the journey itself, side character and world development is on a tier of it's own second to none. Some side characters in this only appear for a few chapters yet I care more for them than some of the mc's in other novels. Great Great Great novel need many more like it.


Author, do not listen to the butthurt reviewers that give you 1 star because you changed genre after the first part, I do enjoy that concept and would like to see it more. This novel specifically didn't do well with the transitioning and the story afterwards, but I see great potential in you. I shall support the heavens. 🙏


Out of all the original novels on Qidian this was the most well written and descriptive novel out there. It is a fantastic piece of work. I hope the author will keep up the quality of the novel and post more amazing chapters. Gain experience and evolve your own writing.😊😊😊


This is my first novel. Someone shared this in a discord I'm part off and was bored enough to try and check it out, glad I did. How you explain everything clearly makes it so much easier for me to visualize the scene. Honestly I felt like I was there a few times lol. Keep em coming :)


A hidden gem!! I am enjoying Reading each chapter SO MUCH!! Different style in writing but strangely you really remind me of the great Er Gen or I Eat Tomatoes sir. I thank the God the moment you decide to writing a novel. What a blessing for this world!!!


This thing is so awesome! By the way i kinda wondering why cant i see the "send gift" button? I want to send gift but just cant... Sorry for using this review for asking question😅. To author, thank you for being born, and keep up the good work! To readers, kindly vote this story if you love, like or interested in it. Also, stay being a supportive reader!! But! man... i want this to have its own manga...way to anime😍😍. Its just so awesome! And i cant help it😄.


I really like this novel and i may add that this novel is like nothing you find around here,not that i encounter it.I am more amazed that this novel isn't so much known...wierd,wierd


This story is amazing, it's well written, has nicely fleshed out characters, a likeable protagonist and most impressively, an original beginning! This novel does not feel like the usual copy-paste reincarnate/transmigrate/underage revenge fueled homicidal mania that most cultivation novels follow. I don't wanna spoil it so I recommend reading it!


Gotta say, this story is amazing. The grammar and update stability is great. And the content, the plot itself, is very unique. [Spoilers] Random crap I wanna talk about. The cannibalism idea, I’m not very fond of, but hey, it’s your novel and it’s a good way to nerf or power up the Mc. Recent chapters, really good, but it really scares me, like a lot. The situation and the enemies, especially creepy sh*t like the grandma, just terrifies me. Maybe I’m just being a chicken, maybe. Please make more adventurous stuff, cuz I don’t know if my heart can handle any more than this. Fking animal head stitched people tho... If I was in that situation , I would honestly just kill myself, cuz I ain’t doing that kind of stuff.


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