The Daughter of the Underworld Book

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The Daughter of the Underworld


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Cristin is the Daughter of death himself. She is half Vampire half Lycanthrope. She meets her mate and suddenly has to fight to save her father. I decided it was best to port to here instead of wherever Lucian is. I need to know what's happening. I wave my hand and suddenly Xander and I are dressed. I chose the normal look for Xander his right jeans black t-shirt and boots. I chose tight leather pants and a leather halter top shirt I had a belt that had a solid silver dagger that was laced with poison. I called the shadows to me and like always they answered. "I will never get used to your powers. But you may want to choose different clothes. I'm about to fuck you senseless." Xander says as he pushes me against the bed and kisses me. "Now is not the time." I say as I push him back. He gives me the saddest puppy dog face ever then smiles as his eyes flash gold and says "Let's go kill a few people." I just smile and lead us towards my father's office. As we turn down the hall I see Wade with a beautiful blond Vampire. Xander freezes next to me. The women say "Hello son, I see you grew up well."


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