1 PART - I

"She loved him with all of her,

But he was too oblivious to her shining light that instead drew someone else in,

Someone who's been meaning to find light all his life if not for all of eternity"

She had no love life to begin with but she made a living out of making people fall for each other hopelessly with just a snap of her fingers.

Years of yearning to somehow be seen by Jason Faux, her multi-millionaire, playboy of a best friend as more than just a friend, Justine Bell ends up crossing paths with the enemy.

Only to follow him into the dark depths of lies, secrets and manipulation she never thought existed in her world of skyscrapers and billboards.

Loosing Justine to the darkness of his own world, will Jason be able to resist his instincts and leave Justine to the hands of the enemy?

Indulge in this tale of love that knows no boundaries, friendship that runs deeper than blood and enemies who are kept closer than family if only to keep your loved ones safer in the midst of illusions.

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