48 2. 19. Dreams That I Wished

Justine's POV

"Clinton, stop!", the moment those words left my mouth, I knew I had fucked up.

That too, big time. Making me stop dead in my tracks. It's crazy how my half-conscious brain could easily comprehend how I said the wrong name but couldn't have stopped me from doing it.

Fear and dread like any other settles deep in my stomach.

Dear God, no. What have I done.

I lift my head and look at Jason to gauge his reaction. I can see the confusion in his face. I can feel his pain. I can't stand the sight of it.

I sit up immediately and turn away from him, closing my eyes for a second in disdain as an image of Clinton pops up in my head almost making me regret my actions. All of this that I've been doing with Jason.

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I open my eyes as if doing that might somehow make his image in my head go away. I can feel Jason's eyes on me, digging a hole in my back which is facing him right now..

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