10 1.9. Fiasco

Next morning at the office, Damon A. K. A. my employer or you can say boss calls me and my fellow colleagues in the conference room for the weekly report meeting.

By fellow colleagues, I mean my arch-nemesis in the business.

Apparently, our company has ten date planners along with me and each of them is like a hyena ready to bite my ass just to get their hands on my position which is at the top of the list.

No bragging but the fact that I have consistently been recieveing the employee of the year award for the past three years has everything to do with it.

Fortunately for me they're nowhere near me for miles.

My true rival in the game might only be one person at this point who is honestly the worst of the whole lot.

Kaitlyn Monroe.

She's one those blonde bombshells who has honestly came uptil a very close second to me by spreading her legs for anyone and everyone she lays her eyes on this building.

Honestly, I've caught her so many times that I'm sure she has fucked half the office staff by now.

I don't judge her for doing that but the fact that she's always devising plans to sabotage my plans is not always helping my case. It's really annoying.

Speaking of, I watch as Kaitlyn and her train of long legs enter the conference

A few of the present colleagues roll their eyes at our usual encounter before going back to gossip amongst them.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn and I have a long staring down contest while we sit just a seat down from the head of the table; across from each other.

Not even after a minute Damon enters the room, strutting his way to the head of the table and waving his hands to gesture us for remaining seated.

"Quit, glaring at each other", he gestures to me and Kaitlyn with a vague gesture of frustrated hands and, "tell me, the updates of this week. I want to know everything", he announces before tipping his chin up in the air like a proud peacock in jungle.

I give Kaitlyn a look before looking at Damon with a sickly sweet smile.

I'm about to say something but am cut off instantly by long legs in front of me.

"Well, I hear someone's been a little rebellious this week", she looks at me and smirks.

That smirk. It's the name of trouble, I swear.

"Whatever do you mean by that statement, Kaitlyn? And why is it directed towards Justine?", Damon intrudes, curious now.

"Well, she knows what I mean by that. Won't you like to tell about it yourself, Justine? Or would you like me to do the honors?", she asks me with that smirk again.

"I've no idea what you're talking about, Kaitlyn", I think out loud because honestly I literally had no clue.

She smirks again before leaning over the table with her chin resting on her hand.

Damon leans in a little too.

"I'm talking about your little fiasco the other night with with your client Mr. Clinton Valsera. Now, do you remember?", she raises her brows in challenge and cocks her head to the side.


My blood runs cold because as I look in Kaitlyn's eyes I know she knows everything.

And by everything, I mean everything about Clinton and me.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit!

"What in the absolute nonsense are you talking about Kaitlyn?! I met Mr. Clinton Valsera and I can tell that whatever you're implying is not happening. So quite with your nagging. I want reports!", Damon interjects and snaps.

And that is the end of discussion as we continue on the reports and updates.

But all throughout I can feel Kaitlyn's eyes on me which promise me that she saw the fear in my eyes and she will do everything in her power to out me.

Honestly, I'm in deep shit.


Before I know it, it's the night of the charity gala.

I don't know what to make of it considering all that what went down with Clinton.

I think to myself as I brush my hand over the exquisite Faux dress that Eleanor designed for me.

Her brand 'Faux' is a worldwide sensation, so wearing a one-of-a-kind dress by Eleanor herself always makes me feel like a celebrity because apparently, Eleanor always loves to dress me in her clothes.

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I'm surprised, I'm not the personal model of the brand by now.

But anyway, it's a priveledge as well as a task to not be stared at with her dresses on me. They're so extravagant that they tend to grab attention which I avoid at all costs if you haven't noticed yet.

Anyhow, I take a last look at myself in the mirror. Once satisfied with how I look, I take a deep breath and grab my keys and clutch before heading downstairs to the car Jason send in for me.

As soon as I get in the car, I'm greeted by George, Jason's personal bodyguard/ chauffeur/driver and a great a friend.

"You look really lovely, Justine", he looks at me through the rearview mirror.

I try my best not to stutter as I get more anxious by the attention this dress is giving me.

"Thank you", I pipe in softly before looking down at my hands which I'm fumbling with, trying to hold in my smile.

He chuckles at my response before driving away.

"Jason got stuck with some work so he's running a little late hence he asked me to pick you up until then. He also needs help with his tie", George adds while driving.

We both chuckle at his last sentence as I roll my eyes at the statement.

"Some day, I wish he would learn that", I say, thinking out loud while gazing at the outside world.

"Well, he has a bad habit of you so I highly doubt he ever would"

"Yeah, I guess that could be the reason", I smile at nothing, as a memory of little me learning how to tie a tie pops up in my head because Jason didn't know how to and I wanted to learn it from him.

Soon enough after, we reach Jason's apartment in no time as I barge in his pent house, directly heading for his bedroom.

My heart is beating so loud, I can hear it in my ears as my heels click against his marble polished floor.

My breaths turn shallow as tingles rise up my bare arms in anticipation of seeing Jason.

God, I've always thought he looked a thousand times more sexier in a tux.

My excitement is buzzing throughout my whole body as I clutch my clutch a little more tighter and enter Jason's room.

As soon as I reach his doorway, I'm met with the sight of Jason, fumbling with a tie around his neck in front of his mirror.

The clicking of my heels against the floor makes him look up and our eyes meet in the mirror as I try to hold in a smile at it.

I look down the moment our eyes meet out of habit, shaking my head at myself before looking back up in the mirror only to be met with Jason's eyes trailing my form.

A little too darker than usual.

He turns around to face me. His mouth slightly ajar as he takes steady steps towards me. I stand still not being able to hold in my smile at his sight anymore.

"God, you look enchanting", Jason whispers as soon as he's near me, just a step away.

I gulp down the lump in throat and take a deep breath before closing the distance between us.

His eyes follow my movements as I reach for his tie and work on it.

I sense a twitch in his hands that are by his side as if he doesn't know what to do with them.

So getting a little braver tonight, I break the silence.

"God forbid the day when Jason Faux learns how to tie a tie", I smirk.

He chuckles at that.

"And God forbid the day Justine Blue stops mesmerizing me with her beauty every single day", he whispers, looking down at me.

My movements slow down as I finish with his tie but I dare not meet his eyes as my stomach bursts into butterflies.

God, can I die now peacefully?

Though I push him away, trying to hold in my smile as the blush takes over my cheeks.

"Come on, we gotta go. We're getting late", I pull him by his hand.

"Your wish is my command"

"Shut up"

And he does..

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