8 1.7. Oh Lord, Help me

Jason stares at Clinton, frowning so hard, I swear his skin would break out.

Oh lord, help me.

I look at him once and turn my gaze to Clinton who has his brows furrowed, definitely confused.

"Uh... He is just a client of mine who is just about to leave, right Clinton?", I give Clinton a look that says 'just go with it please' but apparently my attempts are futile.

"What?! But I just came, Justine. And we need to talk the talk", he gives the suggestive look at the end, emphasizing the words.

He didn't just...


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I hold in my grunt.

"Justine what is he talking about?", Jason eye's us, clearly intrigued, having caught Clinton's suggestive look since he wasn't being much subtle about it.

Oh boy, Jason clearly thinks there's something going on between Clinton and me now!

"It's nothing-", I start but am cut off by yet again, Clinton.

"It's not nothing. It means everything to me, Justine", he pulls me by the crook of my arm to face him, a little roughly, clearly annoyed and angry now.


I gulp down the tension in my throat.

His nose flares in anger and I back off a little but he doesn't let me.

He clearly doesn't mean... that. Does he?

"Whoa dude, what the fuck?", Jason throws all the stuff in his arms on the couch and rounds the couch before rushing to us.

He pulls Clinton's arm from my elbow and places me behind him, as if protecting me.

"Look dude, I get you might be angry and stuff. But she's really good at her job. I'm sure you guys can talk it out civilly with each other tomorrow at her office. Okay? Now I would suggest you leave. This is not her work place and she doesn't work at home", Jason states firmly with his recollection of our conversation.

I let out a sigh of relief softly.

Thank god, Jason thinks Clinton is a client who isn't happy with his date or something along the lines.

Thank the lord.

Clinton frowns at Jason but doesn't say anything to him, rather frowns at me too as I look at him with furrowed eyebrows and my hands clasped on my chest.

Something about that gaze makes my heart flutter and I clasp my hands ever more tightly because I know Clinton's talking about the possibility of an 'us' which I'm not sure I'm still ready to talk about.

And I clearly love Jason but the feelings for Clinton that have suddenly arose are just confusing the heck out of me.

I can't deny that I'm a little scared of the situation myself.

"I'll see you, tomorrow then", Clinton says more composed now.

He gives me one last lingering look and turns around without another word and out of my house.

As soon as the door closes, Jason turns around to face me.

"What the hell was that all about?", he exclaims.

"Can we just not. I'm tired", I shrug him off and head of to the kitchen to eat something.


Next morning, I'm up and about on my way to my office.

As soon as I reach my floor of the building, I make way to my cabin determined to work twice as hard because lately I've been doing nothing but just lagging behind of schedule.

But unfortunately someone has another plan set for me.

Oh god, not again.

I think to myself as I stop at the sight of Liza and Clinton standing in front of my way to my cabin.

I make sure to glare at Clinton before rounding him and Liza to enter my cabin.

I hear their footsteps behind me as they follow me inside my cabin.

So much for a peaceful morning.

I set my things on my desk before massaging my temples to get rid of the tension between my brows. If only it helped to reduce some.

"Liza, my coffee?", I call out to her.

"On it", she nods before heading out of the cabin in a flurry of heels.

Though I don't miss her subtle pat on Clinton's shoulder as Clinton passes a small smile to her which immediately falls down like his deflated energy.

Or so I'm feeling it.

A little pang of something hits my chest but I hold it together, stiff and full of energy to do something.

Taking my seat behind my desk, I arrange a few things which are out of their place, all the while feeling Clinton's eyes on me which makes me a tinsy bit shaky but I get a hold of myself and don't bother to let it show.

As soon as I'm done, I look up to Clinton who's looking at me like I'm a science experiment he wants to figure out.


"Please take a seat, Mr. Valsera", I calmly motion to him and he thankfully does so.

Be professional.

I keep on repeating the mantra in my head not daring to look in his eyes because I know I'll crumple the instant I do so.

Catching onto my drift, Clinton eye's me for a few seconds before clicking his tongue against his teeth in a frustrated manner and clears his throat.

"I want to you to arrange me a date", he clasps his hands at his front and leans back on the chair with his legs relaxed-ly crossed in front of him.

I look at him like he grew a pair of extra heads on his head. My heart dropping instantly.

"Wha-What?", I let it out a little too high-pitched.

My cheeks instantly turn red at realizing that but thanks to Liza as she takes that very moment to enter the Cabin with my coffee.

"There you go, anything else?", she asks me after placing my coffee on the desk.

"No, it's fine. Thank you for this", I give her a small smile.

"Anytime, boss", she winks at me before strutting out of the cabin.

I take a deep breath before continuing back to the ongoing conversation.

"Could you please give a description?", I ask him, reaching for my pen and notepad.

He waves his hand in a nonchalant gesture.

"Tall, brunette, fair, nothing particular", he shrugs nonchalantly.

Right. The complete opposite of me.

Real mature, Clinton.

I hold in my remark.

"Okay", I clear my throat, cracking the tension in my neck and shrugging my shoulders a little to loosen them up.

This doesn't bother me.

I remind myself despite the tension in my muscles.

"There's a charity event at the-", I cut him off as the realization dawns on me.

"The Barrens. Wednesday", I say, thinking out loud.

Clinton raises a brow at me in surprise.

"And how do you know about it?", he asks a little curiously.

I gulp down realizing that what I'm going to say might tick him off.

"Umm..", I start.

"Well...?", Clinton stares at me waiting for my answer.

Okay, here it goes for nothing.

"I'm going as someone's plus one there too", I twindle with my thumbs on my lap looking anywhere but at him..

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