20 1.19. Christening

We fit together like pieces of a puzzle and I crumble in his arms like an autumn leaf. His kiss so soft yet hard and felt. I shiver from the passion in it.

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We crumble on the ground in each other's embrace and he pulls me in his lap, having withdrawn from the kiss now only to pepper my face with it. His thumbs come up to brush the tears away from beneath my eyes, all the while as I look at him.

His face is a mixture of pain and agony. As if he had been holding back but not anymore. His eyes are shining and I cannot help but smile at him my own watery smile.

Oh, Clinton.

He grabs for my hands and brings them to his lips, kissing the back of them. His lips firm, stay for a second too long as if savoring it.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry", he looks at the ground, not meeting my eyes.

An unexpected chuckle leaves my lips, relieved.

"It's okay", I murmur again and again as I pull away from his hands and run mine through his hair, gently.

He shakes his head at that..

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