19 1.18. Stubborn

After Clinton had gone, it was hard to not feel mad at Jason. Every time he joked around me, tried to tease me or even try to touch me, I would just get another notch irritated with his presence.

Even the ice cream tasted bland. And don't even get me started on the stuff Clinton bought. I had a hard time swallowing it down my throat and not bursting into tears. My face had nearly started to ache from passing out fake smiles all day.

All I wanted to do was lash out.

I don't know how but we made it till dinner, having watched movies all day. Jason had ordered some pizza because none of us were in the mood to cook despite having sat on our asses all day.

We were sprawled in front of my couch, on the carpet. Me on one end and Jason on the other with huge packets of this and that lying around us.

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We had just finished another movie and I was about to suggest another before Jason switched off the TV..

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