18 1.17. Wild Dreams

I feel the sheets underneath my naked and sensitive skin as I lay down on them gently. Easing my way into the covers, arching my back as I feel it grazing my tender nipples.

My hands start working on my body as I slide them from my thighs to my neck only stopping enough to gently squeeze the globes on my chest and arching my back again, getting more wet with every minute in that place between my legs.

I moan softly before sliding one of my hands from my neck to that wet-ness while the other hand works on my breast, squeezing them enough to elicit a moan as anticipation builds in my core.

Just when I'm about to reach my clit, a hand stops me and instantly my eyes blink open to a pair of familiar ones.


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"Yup that's me, now where were we, love?" he wonders about himself.

My heart rate increases as I realize he's hovering over me.

Oh My God.

"Ah, yes.. I was supposed to satisfy the fuck out of you"

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