17 1.16. Dance With Me

Next week arrives with a blur of work and I have a hard time getting a breath.

The fact that I had to create a balance in between my secret boyfriend and best friend wasn't helping enough either. Secret boyfriend because paparazzi can't know about us and we would like to avoid any until we actually get caught and Jason can't know that way either. Considering I almost slipped it out to him a bazillion times in a week is no surprise either.

By the time weekend arrives, I'm beat. This doesn't stop Liza to drag my ass for clubbing though.

"God, Liza! Last thing I want to do is party after the week I had. Even a spa at this point would suffice or much better, leave me alone", I exclaim on the phone.

"That's exactly why I need your ass out in about an hour. I talked to Clinton too and he's ready to kick it, so I don't need any excuses, okay?", she orders.

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"But what-", I start but she hangs up instantly..

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