16 1.15. Woke Up

When I say, woke up? It was kind of in a distraught and oh-my-God-where-am-I state.

I had no recollection of how I got in the strange bedroom but before I could think anymore, Clinton entered the room. Thick-clad in... casuals?

And man, did he look even more sexier in those.

"Oh, you're awake. Well, good morning", he leans forward to kiss my forehead, lingering the kiss a second longer before drawing back and beaming at me.

A little thrown off by everything, I try to speak something but just end up opening and closing my mouth several times.

Clinton on the other hand, the true gentleman he is, goes ahead and draws me some water from the night stand beside me.

He watches me with amusement sparkling in his eyes as I drink it up.

Finally setting it down, I try to gather my thoughts before speaking up.

"We did not-", I start.

"No", he says even before I finish.

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I look at him in question..

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