14 1.13. The Mystery Girl

Back at the office, I engage myself so much into work that I have not even a single second to spare on other things going on in my life.

Liza thankfully doesn't question my sudden unbounded zeal for work and helps me around the whole time, trying her best to keep up.

A whole week goes by in work, arrangements, reports and analysis that I really don't have time for anything or anyone.

It does help me avoid Jason as much as possible and Clinton's incessant calls, messages and voice-mails too.

My only contact of relaxing conversation none but Liza who did admit she remembers who was the mystery girl the night of the gala I caught her red-handed with.

Promised she would call her back and let me know if I will have to arrange a date for them soon too.

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To which I just winked her all the best..

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