12 1.11. Dancing To Our Heartbeats

"Nice meeting you guys. Anyhow, care for a dance Clinton?", Liza breaks the silence amidst the frowns, glares and taut jaws set in place.

Apparently, I'm too paralyzed to react.

"Sure", Clinton very preppily replies.

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He gives us a look, eyes hard yet a mocking smile on his face as he takes Liza's hand and takes her onto the dance floor.

As soon as they leave our sight, I heave out a breath I had no idea I was holding.

Jason detecting it, gives me a questioning look. Me on the other hand getting back in control of myself give him an appalled look.

"What was that?", I turn to face him, a little angry at him.

His hands still on my waist.

"What? Did you see how he was being an ass? Especially to you. What is even his deal, huh? Girlfriend bailed on him because he was behaving like a child?", Jason says in a mocking tone.

What in the actual....

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