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THIS BOOK IS ON A HIATUS until September 29th or October 30th, 2022. See you then! Sound minded Author synopsis The book follows a man whose soul drifted from earth to another body in a different world upon his death. He becomes a Demi-god with a system. He journeys out to become stronger while helping his father (a god) take revenge on those that nearly killed him. Unhinged Author Abstract It's about a human who becomes a Demi-god and has a system. The characters are evil, at least by humans standards, you would rarely find a goody to shoe sub-character. the major character is a bipolar sociopath and still will be anywhere he goes. He has few principles, but that depends on his mood (bipolar). This book will have a lot of action, action, and action, and killings especially assassinations. I hate the slow pace, there will be slow chapters to create the setting but I will limit them as much as possible. If this book was a drug, then I would be a drug dealer getting high off my supply. I also hate cliffhangers, sometimes there is a need for them but damn do these authors even have a heart, messing with my emotions. I will limit this too. It sounds stupid, but I created this book for myself. Sometimes it's best to put crazy on paper. There is comedy here too, not the forced kind. If I write and it shows up, it shows up. I admit I Am the type that loves a satisfying kill. I will give you a good kill once a week. So far in every chapter, someone dies. this book will go all over, Greek mythology, Chinese mythology, crazy powers and abilities, religion, gods, Demi-gods, different universes, different planes, badass weapons, and more. THE PHOTO Isn't MINE. FOUND ON PINTEREST! I WILL POST 1 CHAPTER a week! Minimum 4 chapters a month! (working 2 jobs))


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