36 Chapter Thirty Six.

I wake up the next morning to the heat of the sun streaming through the tent. I slowly stir and open my eyes, my hand running up and through my hair. The sleeping bag next to mine is empty and I frown slightly, sitting up.

"Alex?" I call out, taking my hair out of its ponytail and letting it tumble down my shoulders. I'm alone in the tent so I stand up, tugging at my clothes. I reach for Alex's hoody that's on the floor and hope he doesn't mind me stealing his clothes. When I climb into it, his scent wraps around me and I can't help but smile. My thoughts turn back to last night when he comforted me from my nightmare. A shiver ran down my back from the intensity of it, it seemed so lifelike.

I push it to the back of my mind and unzip the tent, stepping outside. Despite it being early morning, the sun is strong and I can already feel the heat in the air. My eyes scan the lake, the water so crystal clear and beautiful.

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