34 Chapter Thirty Four.

"So, what's the sleeping arrangements?" I say quietly, poking the fire with a stick. I'm wearing an oversized hoody to keep me warm. Caleb and Nikki have already retreated to their tent, zipping it up, leaving Alex and I alone. He's sat opposite me, watching the flames flicker with an intense look in his eyes. For the past half hour, he's remained completely silent. As soon as I speak, he lifts his head up, eyes meeting with mine.

They flash with a cheeky glint and he smirks at me -- "There's a separate sleeping bag for you but if you get cold, you can always share mine."

I blush at his words, the thought of being so close to him causes me to shiver. It feels like something between Alex and I has shifted after today. I feel like I need to be close to him. I bite down on my lower lip as I meet his scrutinising gaze -

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