35 Chapter Thirty Five.

Alex's POV -

I leave her alone in the tent as I try and find the source of the gunshots. I don't want to leave her unarmed but I have no choice. I have to protect her as well as my friends. As soon as I leave the tent, I squint in the darkness, crouching down low to shrink my large frame.

Opposite me is Caleb and Nikki's tent, looking exactly the way it did a half hour ago. I frown and scan the area, my guard on high alert as I keep my finger hovering over the trigger. Complete silence surrounds me, the only noise is my heavy breathing. I take a slow step forward, the leaves crunching underneath my feet. In that second, another gunshot fills the air, startling me. I drop to the floor, my eyes wide as I desperately search the area again.

I don't see anyone, I don't see where it's coming from.

Then, I hear it.

"Nikki, baby, do it like this."

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