59 Chapter Fifty Nine.

Ariana's POV —

Later that night, I'm lying in my usual spot on the sofa, watching late night television. Instead of replaying nightmares over and over again in my head, I replay the kiss Alex and I shared today. I can still feel the pressure and contour of his lips pressed against mine. I lift my hand, tracing over my bottom lip with my fingers.

Alex felt . . . good.

Maybe it isn't too late to salvage the relationship between him and I. When I first met Alejandro, I didn't ever think I'd fall so madly in love with someone like him. Since that very first day, he'd taken over my thoughts and stole my heart alongside it. Alex and I share a connection and despite trying to stay away from him, that connection doesn't fade.

I imagine him flying out to Valencia, meeting his father and his family at the airport. I silently pray that the trip is exactly what Alex needs to pull him through the dark times. It isn't fair for either of us to try to fix the other . . .

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