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It was her. Accidentally when i bumped into her she dropped her phone and two books. As i continuously apologize for my clumsy behavior, i noticed that she had one of my favorite books of all time, a Pokémon adventure books. As i reached out to pick up the books so did she and soon our hands came into contact and almost immediately our eyes locked on to each other. I felt a spark between us and just by the look in her eyes i knew she felt the same at least i hoped that was the case. The mood was set. The moon was full, the stars shone brighter than ever and my Mp3 player made it more dramatic by playing the right song at the right moment.( sunflower by post Malone). I stood up and offered her my hand and as she rose slowly, i introduced myself and boldly walked her to where she was heading . Her name was Ashley and she was Canadian. After a short conversation with a few laughs here and there i dropped her off not too far from where we bumped into each other. "Well that just happened" i said with a seemingly happy tone. But first things first i needed to rush back to my family and have a bite or two since i wasn't that hungry but i doubt whether id hear the end of it if i was a second more late. You know how it is with african parents. The next day i decided to have a little afternoon swim, surprise surprise guess who i run into, yap you guessed it, Ashley. At the moment i didn't have the psych to go chat with anyone, all i needed was to just chill a little in the pool and enjoy a whole afternoon to myself with no destructions, at least that's what i thought i was going to do. At the moment she was carrying two large cups of coke and she seemed to be in a hurry and as she was passing next to me, she tripped and accidentally spilled some of the coke on my shirt." Oh my God i am so sorry about this." She said while trying to wipe of some of the soda with a napkin which clearly was not working." No, don't be its okay, no really ill take care of it really." I took of my shirt and almost instantly she was hypnotized by my bodies Physique i mean who could blame her. Pumped chest, budging muscles, rock hard abs i mean daam i was a snack. Anyway, moving on, after doing my dramatic flips in the pool, showing off you know, the usual, all of a sudden i heard screams coming from the nearby kid zones a few meters away. Hesitantly i dashed towards the danger as soon as my instincts kicked in. Not knowing what the heck i was getting myself into, i barged into the room hoping it wasn't something too extreme to handle. A six year old girl was having a seizure. At first everyone in the room had no idea what was happening to her. I know idiots! A seizure basically is a sudden burst of electrical activity in the brain. This uncontrolled activity may produce a physical convulsion, abnormal behavior, and even loss of consciousness. Some people refer to this electrical outburst in the brain as an 'electrical storm.' Basically a few months ago my friend suffered from the same thing so i picked u a few notes from that experience and luckily it came in handy. All i had to do was ease her on the ground and lay her on her side and tried clearing the area for efficient breathing and placed a towel under her head and waited for her to regain consciousness. The room was dead silent and all eyes were on me, some kids and the few adults in the room looked at me with so much hope in their eyes and from the distant corner there was this one girl who was the only one weeping uncontrollably so i assumed they were somewhat related and man oh man was she hot, like compared to Ashley she was just wow. Moments later the little girl woke up and almost immediately the seemingly sister of the girl just pounced on me and gave me this huge kiss and man was it lip smacking. See what i did there, moving on, she was literally on top of me. And i could feel every single inch of her butt on me, thank God i didn't get a bonner cause if that happened considering i was still wet with pool water, would definitely have not ended well for me. And no im not gay my body just does the unexpected sometimes that's all. She slowly rose from her position and gazed at me with this shocked expression on her face while looking at my silky smooth skin and raging red lips for what seemed to be an eternity. Its like time froze for a while. Still traumatized from the scene, tears trickled down her chubby cheeks forming a perfect numeral eleven. Somehow that kiss left me in some sort of trance. For a short while i felt calm, somewhat happy like all my worries were all of a sudden blown away by a distance breeze. As i was trying to maneuver myself out of the situation without noticing my hand slowly but gently crept down her body past the waist and yap you guessed it, went straight for her ass. When i realized what was going to happen next, i quickly got off her and pretended like nothing ever happened. She introduced herself as Taylor. And all that was just on the nick of time cause guess who decided to join the party, yap it was Ashley. I was trying not to think of what would have happened if she saw me. I mean sure we weren't dating dating but still it would have most definitely ruin our relationship and just the way my mom always told me. " Once you brake a vase, sure you can fix it but it would never be the same." I quickly walked towards the exit trying to avoid Ashley but still, she managed to catch up to me. She asked if she could have a word with me and reluctantly i said yes and so we walked towards the garden area as we engaged in a conversation. "Soooo how's your stay here so far? She asked. " Amm not bad, just a few unexpected things that happened here and there but nothing too much to handle. " I responded. " I heard what happened and it was quite brave of you to do that." She continued." Thanks...Ah.... so is there anything else you heard about happened or..." No not really, why ask?" No particular reason." I responded back trying to avoid eye contact. " So what is it you wanted to talk about." "Okay so here's the thing, i didnt bring you all the way out hear only to ask you those questions. So the reason is that from the moment i first saw you at the reception, I've always had this weird feeling inside of me. Its like every time im around you i feel happy, safe, loved my point is i think im fa.....( Phone rings) " Sorry its my mom, just give me one second.

My mom was calling so that she could remind me that we were going to have some family fun time at a nearby area and i was already late. She urged me to hurry before dad lost his mind which definitely would have led to my none existence. Since i didn't wake up that day to choose death i decided to wrap up the convo ."(Hanging up the call)" Sorry about that, i have to go but what were you going to say?" With an embarrassed giggle she said," Oh,amm, it just, slipped my mind sorry, maybe it come back tome when you get back. ( gives me a hug).Go have fun with your family i mean it is Christmas season so go spend time with them."

After hours of fun in Orab national park, we arrived just in time for the Christmas party. The sweet aroma of well cooked meals filled the air. Decorations were set to perfection and the Christmas hymns sung melodiously. From one angle i could see Taylor dressed in a navy blue dress, her makeup perfectly applied to her face. And just next to her by a few meters was Ashley, and man oh man was she perfect. The moons delicate light had just turned the world a flame with silver when i saw her. She had a sculpted figure which was twine thin . Her enticing constellation blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy heart shaped lips. She slowly walked towards towards me and the site of her sent tingles down my spine. As expected i had a panic attack but this time i chose to stay and not run away like a coward. I offered her a drink at a nearby restaurant that was not too far from where we were. We had some laughs and a decent amount of conversations here and there but still something else happened that night, something that would have nearly damaged my relationship with her. As we were dancing on the stage having a blast, eventually i got tired at had to stop. As i was taking my cold drink, for some apparent reason people were staring at me, nearly the whole room kept on looking at me like i had something on me , a bug perhaps, but later on i noticed that's its not something that's on me that people were looking at but something on top of me. Yap you guessed it, mistletoe. I for one was not ready to kiss a girl that i just met in front of all those eyes. It kept giving me this weird creepy vibe around the room "i mean i guess it was tradition and it is just a stupid little kiss right, what could go wrong.'' Hehe funny story a lot of things went wrong! After me and Ashley went all lovey dubby and shit, Taylor watched the whole thing and in rage burst out the room straight to God knows where. It was quite challenging considering Ashley wouldn't leave my side. I had to distract her in someway or at least lie to her i was going to some other place important. And that's when an idea hit me, i took her to another friend of mine i just met a few days ago called kiliku who at the moment i filled him in on what happened so far and what i intended him to do and i left her with him engaging in a conversation which from the start i totally new wouldn't last long so i had to act fast. I excused myself and dashed towards where i saw her last dash towards calling out her name hoping i would get a response when out of the blues i heard a girls voice crying and walking towards it i found her.

"Taylor i...."

"Go away!" She responded back with her head tucked under her knees tears welling from deep inside coursing down her cherry red cheeks.

"Why? What exactly is going on with you?"....wait is this about the mistletoe thing. I couldn't do anything about it and you know that."

"Its not just that Kevin.( walking towards me with tears trickling down her eyes.) I see the way you look at her when your around each other and clearly she has feelings for you the same way you have feelings for her. Ashley right. Thats her name. The time i kissed you when you saved my sister, i felt something and hoped that you felt it to and maybe you liked it and maybe liked me but clearly we can see how that ended up. When you saved my sister i thought to myself that you were a miracle sent to me by God and the one destined for me but i was wrong."

"What are you trying to say Taylor?"

"We shouldn't see each other any more. Forget i even existed in your life, forget about saving my sister, forget about everything! Just GO!(cries even more) PLEASE GO PLEASEE! (She runs as fast as she could towards the dark)

"Taylor?! Great, can this day get any better.(Out of the blues Ashley and Kiliku appear)

" Bloody hell!"

" Code red!" Kiliku whispered in a tensed manner.

" Thanks for the heads-up" I said sarcastically.

"Who is she? Are you seeing someone else behind my back. I cant believe i ever trusted you, loved you of all people. Worst of all you tricked me and left me with this...this guy over here(pointing at Kiliku)

"Harsh." Kiliku said, in a disappointed tone."

"Ashley let me explain."

"You know what forget about it, it doesn't really matter anyway. (Walking towards the restaurant angrily)

I was left all alone in the cold and dark night thinking of my next move. I walked back to where my family was, pretending nothing unusual happened that night. I tried calling Ashley but no answer so i did what a normal teenager whose watched too many romance movies would do. I took my guitar went straight to where she was staying and knocked on her door hoping i would get a response. I heard footsteps coming towards the door then they stopped. I was sure i got her attention but i doubted whether my presence was welcome.

"Go away!"

"Just give me a chance to explain myself. She was just a friend i really hurt.( Sitting down on the floor and leaning on her door) I lost a friend today, someone who trusted me and to extent even liked me but our friendship didnt last long for obvious reasons. Ashley if your listening, i want you to know that i'm not willing to lose you that easily so why don't you come out for a sec we talk it through. For a while silenced filled the air and to my relief she unlocked the door and stepped out.

"You have one minute."

"Okay i know i have made some mistakes maybe once or twice but let me redeem myself tonight cause i just need one more chance at forgiveness so, is it too late now to say sorry cause im really missing you right now."

"Justin Bieber?"

" Ow you noticed hehe well see i didnt have much time to come up with something so Justin Bieber was the closest thing in mind sorry but thats not all just wait." (tuning my guitar)

"What are you up to now?"

" Just give me a sec... there we go."

I played this song called my lover by Not3s and thank God it worked. She started crying after i finished playing at first i couldn't tell if they were tears of joy anger sadness i mean seriously girls these days are waay harder to read than before. She slowly walked towards me and when i least expected it she gave me a huge slap right to my face. I mean sure i deserved it but still ouch!

(Rubbing my cheeks) You didn't have to do it that hard sheesh. ( Proceeds to give me a kiss)

" Okay,now im confused."

" It means i forgive you dummy." She said, with a slight laughter and a smile backing it up.

"So were cool now?"

" Were cool."

"But still.....Taylor. i really hurt her and before she goes away for good ,i need to patch things up between us. i know you feel otherwise when it comes to her but still, i have to fix this and....."

"Its okay, do what you have to do, ill be waiting for you. This is why i love you. Your pure of heart, strong, smart...."

"Hot, sexy, fabulous,'' I said in a teasing manner.''

" Sure why not."

After a few laughs here and there i decided to proceed to where Taylor was. One down, one to go and i sincerely doubted if she was a Justin Bieber fan so that's off the table. So here's what my plan was, step 1 find Taylor, step 2 apologize to Tayler Step 3 ,well there is no step 3 hopefully my pure awesomeness would be enough to earn back her trust i mean come on its me were talking about here. No one ca stay mad at this face anywaysss moving on, i searched nearly for a whole hour and still nothing. Until when all hope was lost ,i found her carrying her luggage to the reception area with her family by her side.

" Taylor Wait!"

" There's nothing to talk about so just go away."

"At least hear me out."

"You have 10 seconds"

"I know i havent treated you right for the past few days but i can change that if you gave me one more chance. Its true that i'm in love with Ashley but your still a friend that i wouldn't want to break our bond with. So what do you say, one more chance?"

As predicted she gave me a slap no suprise there, and gave me warm bear hug."

Tears rolling down her cheeks "I'm sorry for over reacting back then and i.....''

" Shhhh no need for you to apologize, Soo were cool?

"Yeah were cool."

"Leaving already?You might as well hand me your phone number. You know to keep in touch and stuff.''

"Sure its +81733*****"

You actually thought i would type in her exact number pshht what im a retarded.

" Cool, soo same time next year?'

With a smile on her face. No promises.

Well thats that. Your boy finally did it, so for now everything went as planned. On returning Ashley was waiting down at the Gazebo a few meters away and to my surprise had a gift for me. She gave me this tiny doll which was a puppy. Though im not a dog person per say, it was kinda cute and i was not willing to reject her gift after what just happened. I had enough drama for the night and i needed to get some but later on, the next day i would wake up to a very un expected call.

" Help...kidnappers....lost...parents....accident....forest.....come....help....alone. Sockie said in a tensed and trembling manner.

" Taylor? Taylor! I tried understanding what she was trying to say but the connection was terrible.

I tried calling her again but nothing. I didn't like how things were taking shape so far. I had to tell someone but in the call she said alone if i recalled correctly. Did she mean she was alone or maybe it was come alone. Whichever it was, one things for sure things were not going to end well for either of us.

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