The Dark Pirate Lord
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The Dark Pirate Lord


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What is The Dark Pirate Lord

The Dark Pirate Lord is a popular web novel written by the author Aya_Kilor, covering ROMANCE, DARK, VILLAINESS, PIRATE, FORBIDDEN LOVE, SPACE TRAVEL, PIRATE LORD, Sci-fi Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 0 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 2 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Known throughout the Galaxies was the infamous Dark Pirate Lord and his band of pirates. Known for their thievery, as well as slaughtering those who opposed them, the Dark Pirates soon became greatly feared throughout the universe. One day, the Dark Pirate Lord vanished, leaving people to wonder what had happened. Some believe the Dark Pirate Lord was captured and imprisoned. Some think that perhaps he was killed. But many others still believe that he is still out there hiding, waiting for the day when the Dark Pirate Lord will rise again. Yet, unknown to many, the Dark Pirate Lord was not male, but a female. Even more shocking... she was a human. A female pirate goes around killing and stealing, especially known for stealing slaves. She was once a human who partially awakened due to help from an energy being. This energy being is a dark energy that teaches her the dark arts of assassination and energy powers. The energy being took a liking to her dark energy that had developed over time due to abuse and torture. She became filled with hate and with the desire to destroy. So strong was her desire and strength of will, that a bored dark energy being who was passing by sensed it and was intrigued by her, deciding to teach her to become strong. Under this persons guidance, she quickly became more powerful then the ones who held her captive, and soon enacted her revenge, slaughtering them all. The dark energy being was greatly pleased and decided to assist her with her goals, as it was bored and had nothing to do, while assisting her with her awakening. She was once a human child of earth, yet she was kidnapped by nonhuman beings and enslaved. Only her quick wits kept her alive, from getting eaten or killed, though some may say that it would have been better to have been killed then to be kept alive and tortured. But she was driven by revenge, having seen her whole family slaughtered before her very eyes, seeing the abuse to their lifeless bodies, things that no child should ever have to see, especially of their own family. She had promised her mother who was the last to die that she would live, no matter what it took. And she did, she endured all forms of torture, of suffering, of humiliation. And she paid her captors back, claiming their lives as payment for her past sufferings. She became known throughout the galaxy as the Dark Shadow, the Dark Pirate Lord. She did as she pleased, and found herself loyal followers, people that she rescued from situations similar to that of her childhood. However, there was someone who was a constant thorn in her side... someone who worked on the side of the Law, who constantly thwarted her with her theivery and law breaking. He was young to be head of his sector, and he was hell bent on capturing the Dark Pirate Lord. On a raid on one of the Dark Pirate Lord's attempt at stealing slaves, the Law Leader cornered the Pirate Lord's Crew. In attempt to escape and stay hidden, the Dark Pirate Lord pretended to be one of the prisoners. There was strong chemistry between them... the Dark Pirate Lord didnt know he was the leader of the Law Enforcers, for he never told her. She believed that he was a lower ranking servant of one of the officers. Neither did he know that she was his enemy, believing her to be a prisoner. Soon after, they part ways, with her people kidnapping her back. The Leader Official was furious, while she was greatly saddened. He went after the Dark Pirate Lord with even more vigor, as his motivation had increased as he desired to be reunited with the female prisoner. He injured and killed many of her people, which made her filled with rage against the law leader. She desire vengeance against him, vowing to kill him, not knowing that he was the one that she had come to care for.


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