121 Draconic

Jason activated [Spectral Chains] and poured a million magic points into the [Dark Nova] skill as the three seconds for Frozen Time came to an end and the sky filled with darkness.


Nov and Reno were about to leave through the transporter, but they had to stop and turn around as they saw the sky darken. The magic power coming from Jason at that moment was enormous.

Armageddon roared as it tried to get towards Jason, but it felt a tug on its tail and turned around to see hundreds of chains holding it in place. It roared again as it quickly tried to break all the chains, but no matter how many it broke, more and more chains would just keep appearing to hold it down.

"Let's see you survive this one," Jason said.

The balls of dark energy dropped from the sky and there was nowhere for Armageddon to run as it was bombarded.





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