28 C Rank


I was thrown off the bird as it began shaking its body around like it was epileptic. It tore the [Shadow Web] apart as though it were nothing and released another loud cry of pain as it flapped its wings in the air. A blast of high-pressure wind tore into a wall as the bird released a desperate soni blast from its mouth, and then another blast hit the ground.

The bird looked around for me with its one eye, but I was hiding in its blind spot and it couldn't find me. I ran around to its back and I watched as the bird released skill after skill while trying its best to somehow hit me. I activated [Rain of Hellfire] above it and black balls of fire fell from the sky. The bird was too preoccupied with trying to attack me blindly that it didn't notice the fire until the last moment when it hit.

The bird released cries of pain as it was constantly blasted by hot flames and sonic blasts continued to decimate the area as it released skills to try and get me.

[Magic Power: 109(+299)]

My magic power was still very high so I didn't hold back as I released the [Rain of Hellfire] skill continuously. The bird was at my mercy because of its blindness and before long, it fell to the ground and stopped moving as smoke rose from its burnt feathers.

[You have killed the dungeon boss of [Galeheaven]]

[You are the first solo D ranker to kill the dungeon boss in 1v1 combat. Your rewards will be doubled]

[Strength +20]

[Agility +20]

[Stamina +20]

[You have ranked up twice to C- rank]

The [Thunder Bird] slowly vanished into gold dust and three skill books appeared in the place where it was before. I immediately went and picked up the skill books. This was what I would need if I wanted to have a chance against those men outside. These skills were only D ranked skills, but with the Heart of Darkness I knew they would become C ranked skills.

The first skill was [Lightning Bolt – D+: Channel the electricity in the air to unleash a bolt of lightning upon enemies, delivering a powerful and precise strike that can stun or electrocute targets]. This was the skill that the thunderbird used against me at the start of the fight and I knew that it was very strong so I immediately learned it.

The second skill was [Avian Grace – D+: Manipulate the air currents and envelop yourself in a vortex that allows you to soar through the sky and slow down falls]. I was very excited about this skill and I also learned it immediately as I finally picked up the third skill. The previous two skills have been very good and I already expected this one to be good too, but what I saw shocked me.

'Is this because of the double rewards?' I wondered as I looked at the skill book, 'Isn't this too much for a D ranked dungeon.'

The skill that I got was called [Thunderbird – C (Evolution: 0.00%): Summon a massive avian creature with electrified feathers and the power to summon thunderstorms, hurling lightning bolts at your enemies.]

This was a summoning spell. It was very rare to get a summoning spell in the tower and there were only three rankers that had summons and they were all in S rank and above. In my previous life, I had many summons, but I never expected to get one this quickly. This was amazing.

[The Heart of Darkness is attempting to Corrupt the skills. The skills are fighting against the corruption]

[The Thunderbird has successfully fought again -]

I felt a sharp pain inside my heart as the heart of darkness immediately sent mana through my body and I winced.

[The Heart of Darkness crushed the Thunderbird with brute force and it failed to fight against the corruption]

"You bastard," I growled, "Did you have to send out mana that suddenly?"

[The Heart of Darkness preens in victory]

[The skills have failed to fight against the corruption. The Heart of Darkness successfully corrupted the skills]

[[Lightning Bolt – D+] has evolved into [Black Bolt – C-: Unleash bolts of darkened lightning that strike enemies with immense force, inflicting both electrical and shadow damage]]

[[Avian Grace – D+] has evolved into [Shadowed Grace – C: Manifest a pair of dark, ethereal wings that grant you the power of flight, allowing you to soar through the skies.]]

[[Thunder Bird – C] has completed its evolution due to the corruption. [Arcane Bird – B (Evolution: 25.5%): Summon a spectral avian companion wreathed in dark lightning, capable of unleashing devastating dark thunderstorms and catastrophic gale winds upon your enemies]]

After learning these three skills, I gained a lot more confidence in myself that I could easily face off against those men outside.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

"Jason," Terra shouted from outside the boss room as she began hitting the door, "Jason, it's me! I need help! They're here! Jason!"

Terra sounded like she was about to get killed and I opened the door to see that she was bleeding from one leg and she also had a deep wound on her side. It looked like claw wounds, so I deduced that she must've run into some wolves along the way. I was proud that she managed to get away from them.

"You don't look so good," I said to her and she glared at me.

"I…" Terra stopped and released a tired breath, "I thought I was going to die." She said breathlessly.

"You've done your part, so I guess it's my turn," I pulled her closer to me and I faced off against the two men that were coming out from the forest, "Just stay behind me and don't go anywhere. As long as you stay there, you'll be fine."

Terra nodded her head as she immediately went behind me to hide. I looked at the two men and noticed that they were also out of breath. They must've been fighting the wolves that attacked Terra as well and they just finished killing them.

"That brat is fast," The earth mage said as he pulled out his sword, "Why are all the kids so fat these days?"

"Doesn't matter," the fire mage said as he also pulled out his sword and glared at me," We just have to get this brat and leave. The leader is at the gate and he is not going to be happy since we kept him waiting for long."

The two men faced me and my calmness put them on edge as they began to flank me, "I would usually use this opportunity to ask you who sent you," I said, "But I know there is still one more of you, so I'm going to enjoy killing the two of you without remorse."

The earth mage scoffed, "What can a D ranked kid like you do?" he asked, "You think you can bluff your way out of this? Im going to stab you in the eye for what you did to my arm, so just remember that you brought this on yourself."

The earth mage didn't seem to notice anything different about me, but the fire mage was a different story.

He narrowed his eyes at me and spoke in a low tone, "Hey, maybe we should be a little more careful this time. Somethings up."

"Does it matter!?" The earth mage shouted, "All we have to do is -!!"


I sent magic power to my legs, and before the death mage could finish talking, I grabbed him by the mouth and sent him to the ground!

"Shut the hell up," I said

He was stunned by my new speed and so he wasn't able to react at first, but he managed to get himself back pretty quickly and he swiped at me with his sword! I dodged around the sword, grabbed his hand in my elbow, and bent the arm backward! A loud crack echoed through the forest.

"ARGGGGHHH! FUCK!" the earth mage shouted in pain as his arm dislocated and I immediately let go of him and dodged around an [Inferno] skill from the fire mage that would have burned me. I already noticed before that the men were not wearing any sort of armor and they were only using reinforced clothes. That means that it would be easier for me to attack them using physical force. They didn't think that they would see anything dangerous in a D ranked dungeon, so they didn't bother wearing their armor.

The fire mage rushed to grab his comrade and I watched as the earth mage managed to use a healing spell to reduce the pain in his hand before standing up with a glare.

"I'm going to kill him," the earth mage murmured under his breath, "I'm going to fucking kill him."

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