The Dark Lord's Maiden Book

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The Dark Lord's Maiden


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|STATUS: COMPLETED| Once upon a time... Rumour has it that a certain king became so desperate that he blindly made a dangerous pact with a seductive demon goddess who ruled the realm of 'Yonder'. She bore him a son who would, in time, fulfil the 'Dark Prophecy'. But... What if falling in love with a maiden of pure heart and clear conscience could free him from the overwhelming darkness buried deep within? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 'My god! What happened just now?' she asked herself while pressing her fabric rigidly against her breast cage. She retreated two steps away from him as she reminisced about the event of barely a few seconds earlier. 'It—he almost had me? The devil himself? I—I would have easily given myself to him?' Observing her confusion, Briceus gave off a curt smirk before standing up. "I wouldn't have guessed that you'll be a woman of low esteem and easy to use, Elizabeth. Perhaps I was wrong in thinking you were different" "Your Majesty, I —" "I'll have you know that I have no interest in your lowly unattractive body, Elizabeth so you don't have to attempt to hide so much and appear so startled" 'Lowly body? He said this to me?' ". . . If those are the foolish thoughts flying around your tiny skull, you would be damned to imagine such because I have met far more beautiful maidens but you are most certainly the one who has impressed me the least in character" Elizabeth felt spited even though she hated herself for weakly yielding to his charms just now. "If I were so lowly to the king and if I am everything you've described me to be so far, then I will advise that His Majesty should quickly demand a refund from my family and hand me back to them!" Briceus was unmoved by her bold utterances. All the while she had spoken, he had his eyes glued to her lush pale strawberry lips which for some reason had begun to lure him in. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BOOK STATUS VOLUME 1 (SOLD OUT) - COMPLETED VOLUME 2 (BRICEUS AND ELIZABETH) - COMPLETED VOLUME 3 (BOOK OF SIDE STORIES) - COMPLETED VOLUME 4 (THE PRINCESS AND HER BEAST)- COMPLETED [This book will have several volumes. Earlier chapters will be re-edited with time.] ADD UP THE SEQUEL: THE MERCHANT'S BRIDE Photo credit: Pinterest IG handle: nancyjimofficial fαcєвσσk @ Nαncєє Jímí

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