The Dark Lord's Maiden
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The Dark Lord's Maiden


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What is The Dark Lord's Maiden

The Dark Lord's Maiden is a popular web novel written by the author Nancy_Jim, covering MAGIC, DARK, MYSTERY, HISTORICAL, POSSESSIVE, ROYALROMANCE, FIRSTLOVE, WEBNOVELSPIRITYAWARDSSPRING, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 17.2K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 29 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Once upon a time... Rumour had it that a certain king got desperate that he made a dangerous pact blindly with a seductive demon goddess who lorded over the 'Yonder Realm'. She bore him a son who would in time fulfil 'The Dark Prophecy'. But... What if only by falling in love with a maiden of pure heart and a clear conscience would he become liberated from the overwhelming darkness buried deep inside him... ——————————————————— ——————————————————— [A/N] This book is a slow-burn book. If you like the story please support it. It would have several volumes... Volume 1- Trapped in the darkness/Royal Conflict Volume 2- The Princess from long ago Volume 3- Kingdom Rivalry Volume 4- Happily Ever After Cover photo:Credit to the rightful owner. I got it from Pinterest [ Edited by: Lord Ayaan Kehn]


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This book reminds me of Pride Prejudice and Cinderella as well as the fairy tales of the demon lords, I'm excited about the next chapter! The writing is good, the dialogues sound really like the ones in Middle Ages stories. I want to see what would unfold next after Beth meets the Lord


A royal regency romance novel! It's been a while since I've read one. And it starts off with Shakespeare! That's a rare treat. Pride and Prejudice Cinderella in Middle-Earth, is what I'm reading. But without the elves, the dwarves, the hobbits, the creatures. There is a promise of magic, however, which is always something I'm excited to see in a romance. I'm ignoring that Lord Voldemort popped up briefly before being dead in half a sentence, haha! Probably not the best name to use there... The author wavers between modern and overwrought faux-historical language. But the plot is moving nicely and the characters are lively people. There’s a shadow of a prince that entices the reader to anticipation. There are only four chapters, but it promises to be a grand royal romance! Keep on writing, my author comrade!


Slow burn love. The narration is well adaptive and I like the author put in right fluctuation of the theme.[img=update][img=update][img=update]


Really nice book. The author has good control of language and the characters are well-developed. The author has managed to set the appropriate atmosphere. Adding to library!


Wow! Just look at that tone of his, soo appealing and a royal romance? one of the best genres. It's always been my favorite. This one's awesome


reading after few chapters... This story makes me feel like I'm reading those renaissances like period books. Romeo and Juliet, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice. The way the character spoke gives off how those high-class people talks. and I love it. I can almost hear them talking with those British classy accent. Gambare, Author~ Love Beth by the way~


C.o.m.p.e.l.l.i.n.g and classic! Hidden Gem. The first thing that stands out is beautiful writing. The archaic writing in the story is just rich and beautiful. The story flows nicely and immensely descriptive, capable of pulling readers to delve further into the dark and mysterious journey. The lead, Elizabeth, is a well written character and the way she's introduced and portrayed in the story is just great. I really like people who is genuinely kind and beautiful inside, this Elizabeth is just such a character, it's easy to love her for she's lovely and adorable. As for the male lead, dark prince, he's remained mystery but from the way he's introduced one could see that he would be deep and great written character. This book gives a unique of dark Cinderella vibes. The premise is good. Full of mysteries, kinda makes one wonder what else is there. Story development has been great so far, the anticipation and guessing keeps one at the edge every time. And again, I just couldn't get enough of the writing, every choice of word is great and there are quite lot of new words I found in this book. Overall it's very nice reading experience. Promising and great written story. Would certainly remained in my library for I really like to delve myself further into the end of this journey. Anyway, best luck to you.


I love the writing style of this book! Done in the classic epic style with excellent descriptions and character development. I also love the MC right off the bat. I look forward to more chapters to read! Keep it up author!


Such a cute slow-burn novel. There's plenty of great descriptions and dialogue, and a little bit of intrigue right from the start. There's so many good things to chew on in each chapter, such as the various literary references, and the overall atmosphere. This novel is very much worth adding to the library!


The title itself is just a masterpiece! The author's descriptive narration pulled me in enough, a story that starts off in 1801. Like how the author name the characters, it fits the timeline. This is far the best royal novel I've crossed and read. Give this book a try and support the author too!


Hi author, this is your devoted reader from your other work "Love and Deceit". I am beyond stunned at the beautiful imagination with which you wrote this book. The synopsis already kept me glued, and then I proceeded to read the supporting four chapters that you have published and I was not disappointed. Wow! The idea behind this plot is incredible. I already fell in love with your description of FL's personality. Every chapter definitely gives me something to be curious about. Thank you for this masterpiece 😍😍😍😍


From the beginning nicely written! The storyline is interesting, your characters are expressive, the dialogues captivating. Well done! Wish you endless inspiration and o lot of great ideas!


Wonderful Story! The story is amazing, world-building seems perfect, captivating character designing, the narration is immersive, story development is very smooth, dialogues are very realistic, all in all, this story seems just magnificent. I especially like the writing style. So I'll definitely ask everyone to try out this story. It has few chapters as of now so please keep updating, I'll definitely read it once again after some more chapters pile up. Good job, author.


I like your writing style! It feels elegant as if I am inside a lavish room, with a butler beside me telling the story! It makes me feel engrossed with the novel, and I can't wait to read more!


Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady This is my review! Hope you like it! 😉 Dear readers, I hope this review will give you insights into the novel. Please give a chance to this author's work. I am sure she will surprise you in many ways! 🙏


This was wonderful, with amazing world-building, captivating characters like Beth, and such beautiful turns of phrase, like "Eden-green" for eyes and "twine-thin" - I could almost swear I was reading poetry. If you like slow burn romances with Dark Lords, add this, you won't be disappointed!


This novel is really well written, I enjoyed the use of olden language. Only critique is that there are a fair bit of grammatical errors but has great potential. Good job!


After only reading a few chapters, I honestly declare that I am totally hooked. The style of writing is totally wonderful, it makes it easy to get attached to the story. I also love how you took your time describing the characters, which helps a lot to imagine where the plot of the story is going... I honestly love everything about this book so far😍


Very well written. The story goes with a flow and the transition between chapters is so smooth and ofcourse a hard love is always a best kind of trope. Can't wait to read next chapters!!!!!!!


This new novel of yours seems alright. The plot is the one most web novel authors qualified in reincarnation are using to have to at least buy a cup of ramen. There are many types of reincarnation stories in this Webnovel. A whole Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. This story seems great. Kepp working and you will be a known author.


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