1 Iron Clad

Evan looked up as sparks bounced off his face shield. The hot bits of metal started floating away from him. He is usually pretty good with a plasma torch, but the monster that had killed his captain and almost ripped a whole trough the hull had him more on edge than usual. Sara was next to him, already she was collecting the metal bits in a vac. It was very hot on the ship, so she is in her sleeveless white shirt with her jumpsuit tied at her waist. Evan is used to working in zero g, but not his heat. " Sorry Sara, can't get this weld, The damn torch must be acting up again yeah?" Evan hoped Sara didn't see how much his hands were shaking. " I can take over, you've been doing most the work anyway," Sara said. Sara looked at him carefully. "Maybe you should take a break?, you were closest to the captain when.." Sarah trailed off her sentence not wanting to say the words, and that's a relief, Evan did not want to hear them. " Yeah," said Evan, " Your the best welder we have anyway, think ill watch a pro for awhile." They switched positions, both floating carefully around each other and trading off tools. Evan wanted to work, he didn't want to give his mind to think. He held another plate up for Sarah to weld in over the hull breach. They worked quietly but effectively. Evan was still in the bloody jumpsuit, blood covered most of his right side. It was dry and dark now but it wasn't his. He couldn't help but think about the captain standing next to him ont the bridge just a few short hours ago. Evan rolled his jumpsuit to his waist. He watched sarah work and the light from the torch spilled through the dark hallway of the ship. They were just outside the galley, the monster made its way from the bridge to here and tried to tear through the hull after the captains murder. Evan had never seen anything like that beast before and he thought he'd seen everything. As a pilot for Iron Clad, He has flown this ship through a hell of alot to land on extremely difficult asteroids. Evan has even seen death before but not like that. Sarah was finishing the weld, " Good," thought Evan, "Lets get the hell out of here and back with everyone else." Metal crashed at the end of the dark hallway. Evan looked up, but didn't see anything. The ship has been in lockdown since the breach. Evan tried to will his eyes to see in the darkness at the end of the hall, but he didn't dare move. Sarah had stopped welding and was also watching the hall. The dark was moving..no swirling. Like a pitch black school of fish, the end of the hallway was moving almost mesmerizing. Evan looked at Sarah and she was looking at him. Evan said " I think we should go now be.." His words were cut off by his radio coming to life, he fumbled to silence it. Evan turned the radio all the way down, He grabbed at sarah to make a run for it but his hand hit nothing, just air. He thought she had already slipped away after the radio went off. He floated up to run for it himself. The whole hallway was so dark now. Evan turned ready to bounce off fast down the opposite way, only he couldn't. His foot was stuck. Not just stuck, held tight. Evan squirmed, whatever had his ankle held hard and it hurt like a burn. He looked back to kick at his foot and saw Sarah holding his ankle. Not Sarah, a dark silhouette of her. Her long hair swaying in the zero-g, her features and outlines. She looked like she was covered in very black bees, swarming all over her. Her eyes were staring out at him horrified. Evan kicked but couldn't move, Sarah didn't budge, just stared. Then the pain grew worse on Evans ankle and was growing to his knee. Sarah was pulling him closer. He struggled all he could, but he was groing tired. He noticed it started to get dark, it was darker than he'd ever known before. "Did his eyes even work?" He thought. Soon he stopped thinking and got more tired as the dark and what used to be sarah pulled him in.

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