1 Chapter 01- Dreaming of Light

My dream was horrible, I was faced with a stranger dressed in a robe. His face concealed in the darkness of a shadow. Every breath he took seemed to be forced. He had a knife in his left hand. I felt defenseless, I couldn't move an inch, my body was too weak.

Eventually, he raised his right arm, he whispered silently, the language didn't sound familiar, he stopped. Soon after a dark smoke surrounded his palm, it got bigger the more I stared at it. He slowly reached for my forehead, his dark mist soon clouded my vision, I could no longer breath.

It felt like hours as I struggled to fight for breath, eventually, another voice called out for me.

"Jake! GET OUT OF HERE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" The man's voice was powerful, the light started filling up the room, the hooded man fled the scene causing me to regain my vision, I heard the hooded man whisper.

"The more light shines, the darker Dark Arts become." His voice disappeared into the shadows along with him.

Before I knew it I woke up by jolting from my bed to the floor. My body felt strange... not because I fell off my bed... or maybe it is because of that

Life was normal...

I made breakfast, took a shower, and had all the newest episodes of SAO to binge-watch, everything was going smoothly until... Well until my wall exploded. Hi, my name is Jake, I'm your average, normal otaku teenager. I didn't stand out nor did I have anything special about me but that's okay, I usually just do what I like to pass time or just to enjoy life, so before my wall got destroyed I was watching SAO and eating breakfast, I was really relaxed... but of course it had to end abruptly with a bang.

It was a loud noise, it was so strong, so strong that the blast sent my body flying about... five meters into my television.

A normal human would've been knocked out from pain because of such a huge explosion. However, I only checked pain off the normal-human list.

I couldn't move, the shock was unreal.

Just then, a figure rose in the smoke from the hole in the wall.

I sat still, looking at it in fear and... shock of course, but then it spoke.

"Finally... I've found you, you don't seem to live up to the Dark one's expectations, that just makes this much easier for me." his shadow loomed closer.

I tried to reassure him that I had no idea what or why this was happening, unfortunately, my voice was MIA.

He stepped out of the smoke, he was a blonde young guy, he had blue eyes, his hair combed to the side, his serious blank stare sent shivers down my spine, he was well built for action. Unfortunately, that action might be killing me.

"I'm going to enjoy this" he drew out a katana. "This is the end of all Light!"

His attempt to slash was foiled by a brick being thrown at him. He stumbled forward, losing his balance for a moment. "Who dares?!" he glanced behind him.

My last view was the rear end of another brick being thrown from somewhere. I passed out.

My dreams weren't much better though, I was looking at someone else... like how you'd look at the game character.


There stood a bright figure in the distance...he looked at me, then grinned. He approached me with a warm welcoming smile then said, "Jake today you know the truth, who you are, where you came from and in time...you'll know who I am. I will be observing you, make me proud."

"Wait! Who are you? Is this Heaven? Did I die? Why did I die via Brick?"

He chuckled, "Don't you worry Kuroto, in time you will have all the answers just be patient and train. There remains a long journey ahead of you, I wanted you to live a normal life but seems like not even I can deny fate. You will see me again, goodbye."

My vision shifted to another scene. I strangely knew exactly what the video-game character dude was feeling... I guess his name is Kuroto.

"Agh, why me!?" As he yelled to no one. He then realized he was resting on a woman's lap.

The woman had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a mature nature to her charm. She smiled lightly whilst she was stroking his hair. She wore a traditional Japanese kimono and had was attractive.

His face burned when he realized the predicament he was in. He tried to sit up, but the woman had her hands resting on his body. Her left hand held his head while the other one was holding his shoulder.

"Hello Kuroto, I am Natsuki Midori, I am your soon to be wife."

Her voice was so beautiful, so seducing, she could convince you to do just about anything.

She gave him really strong nostalgia, deja-vu but he couldn't reach for memories he no longer had.

He did what he felt was natural, he hugged her stomach region as he lay on her lap. He somehow found this feeling all too satisfying, he could've stayed like this forever.


He almost fell asleep...he tried to resist her charming words but he enjoyed the embrace of an attractive female, she smelled like strawberries and felt so soft, he just couldn't deny that he immediately felt attraction towards her. But he had morals, he knew how the whole dating thing worked, he knew that this moment was just a way to forget about all his troubles.

Hang on...does she even know him?

He finally sat upwards and said, "Who are you?" "Your fiancee." She replied.

"Yes, you said that already but why? How did my life go from slow-paced to BAM you are a ninja then bam you are now about to be married to a stranger?"

She giggled."I have known you for many years Kuroto, you were Kuroto but now you identify as Jake" She continued "you had to transfer to this place called earth...you are a demi-god." He stared at her in disbelief. "What, n-no that can't be...I'm Kuroto ...didn't I use to be a human too?"

"Yes, you're reincarnated into a new person, this person's name is Jake" She played with his hair. "we both are currently inside his mind, I sense that he is watching us though, Hi Jake!" she poked Kuroto. "Look up and wave to your chosen host."

He did as she instructed and waved to above in my direction.

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