The Dark Alpha Book

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The Dark Alpha


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Locked away for centuries was the price I had to pay for saving my brother's life. He was always the light. I, the dark. The world was a better place with him in it. His personality has proven that much to me. Years upon years I had to be the spectator to his horrible life. Anger was one of the emotions that kept me going.  Now, I was summoned to the Dark Realm, a spiritual plane with the same siphoner-vampire that made my brother's life a living hell. Vengeance. The Supreme God had smiled at me. That was what I thought. The Guardian Angel who summoned us to this nightmare wanted us to work together to find the Goddess of the Realm. The prize at the end was too enticing to pass up. A chance to live in the land of the living. A chance to be with my brother. To protect him.  There was only one problem. I couldn't kill the vampire. A fair rule. Too bad it said nothing about torturing her. I was the Alpha of the darkness. Nothing like my brother. Welcome to the dark side, Princess.  Warning: harsh language and vivid sexual content. Disclaimer: The cover phone doesn't belong to me. Any discrepancies and you can private message me. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/CwzSAZ76n7


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