The Damage to Come (Percy Jackson) Book

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The Damage to Come (Percy Jackson)


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Ever wondered what happened after Trials of Apollo? The Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series focused on some of the most famous modern demigod heroes. Perhaps though, there are others to continue the story. Even if they aren't on the front grounds. Augusta Argyros is a teenage demigod, brought into Camp Half-Blood at age 3-4. She's a little stormy. A little mean. A little funny. And a little stubborn. She's a daughter of Poseidon and Zeus; a strange combination. She's the only double demigod anyone knows. Or so they thought... Life was going bad as usual until Paxton Antoniou showed up. He seemed to carry along with him a knack of danger, making it evidently hard for Augusta to stay away, seeing how she was accident and danger prone. What will their adventures bring them to?


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