17 17. Him again...

Rira went back home after accompanying Julia Rose to play. She walked in a slow pace, not bothered about the issue of gang fights in their neighborhood. However, Rira Alona forgot this world also had gun fights apart from the fist. Absentmindedly, she turned to another alley, and hear several sound of explosions.

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of gunshots snapped Rira up from her daze. She turned around and saw a group of people exchanging shots with another group. It was so noisy with screaming and gun blasting. She saw one of the people grabbed a pedestrian to be his hostage. Her body was faster than the mind.

Before she could go farther away to rescue the hostage, she was grabbed by a strong arm from behind. The person pulled her into the previous alley and forcefully turned her to face him. It's Xavier Lu.

" What are you trying to do?!" He hissed while restraining her shoulder and hold a gun with silencer in another hand.

" I try to help, mister." She said, focusing on the black weapon in his hand. "What is this thing?" Before Xavier Lu could react, suddenly, a weapon's name pops up inside her head.

A gun. The warm weapon of the Earth.

Xavier Lu stared in disbelief. "You...don't recognise it?" Even though she never had any contact with guns, at least she should knew about this thing.

" That...I only recognise it." She mumbled. The man shook his head, no longer paying attention to her. The outside world already in mess with another innocent pedestrian being a hostage. The people with black masks start negotiating with the plain clothing police.

Xavier Lu peeked out to find a chance for attack, however, one of the masked men might be felt restless and pulled another pedestrian to be his hostage. This time was a child around five to six years old. The child's face went paler when he was wrench out from his mother's hands. He teared up and wailing in fear.

The scene fell into another chaos with the child's mother crying for help. The plain clothes police froze, before quickly opening up some conditions to the robbers. As for the child's mother, she wailed, calling out for her child. Her despaired looks was caught in Rira Alona's eyes. A memory of the past owner flashed in her eyes.

Her mother in the past had this kind of expression when the young Raymond was got caught in this exact situation and was held as hostage. Rira Alona was seven at that time with her father, Alric. The whole family was out to play in the mall and a new playground inside the mall. On that day, the mall fell into a big chaos as a group of armed robbers started open fires after intruding the mall's new playground. Coincidentally, the five years old Raymond playing with another children of his age in the ball pool. The ignorant children didn't aware the severity of the situation and continued playing. Because of the peak hours, most of the parents and guardians was there to play with the children.

The robbers took children in the ball pool and used them as hostages. Raymond was among the unfortunate children. One of the children crying out, followed by the others. They were too scared and Raymond trying his best to not cry. The robbers leader felt annoyed at the children crying and shot Raymond in his left thigh. The scenes turned bloody sad as Raymond passed out.

Afterwards, the sad memories getting hazy in her mind. Rira Alona's eyes narrowed dangerously as cold aura blared within her body. Xavier Lu, who was standing beside her flinched in shock at her sudden fury. His eyes dilated suspiciously as he peered on her frozen facade. Her eyes turned a shade darker than usually hazel, and its was as dark as night.

" Lend me your gun." Rira Alona didn't wait for his reply and took the gun out of his firm hold. She could guess how to use it based on the characteristics of the gun. In her past life, crossbow was one of her favourite cold weapons. This gun was more or less just like the crossbow.

" You know how to use it?" Xavier Lu asked, frowning with his thin lips pressed into a line.

" Crossbow," she replied. Xavier Lu stumped. Crossbow? Is she kidding me?

" You-!" Xavier Lu words cut by half when another shot was heard. Both of them looked outside and saw one of the masked men shot the first pedestrian' leg. The child stopped crying as a horrified looks apparent on his face.

" Shit! Give me the gun back-!" Again, he stopped talking when he saw Rira jumped up over the wall and crouch under the thick shade of a tree. She silently aim the gun out, marking her first ever human prey after rebirth. Her eyes narrowed into a slit looking for a right time to act.

Among the masked men, only three people with guns and the rest using blades and knifes. The one using guns was the leader and his two mates holding hostages.

Her first target was the man with child. Without hesitation, she released a shot after shot by aiming for three hands holding guns.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

" Arghhhh!" the three masked men with guns howling in pain and unconsciously released the hostages. The plain clothing policemen quickly went into action by taking the chance to fight back. Soon, the masked men was caught, and the hostages was safe. Albeit one of the hostages were injured.

Rira Alona jumped down and threw the gun back to its owner. Xavier Lu looked at her in surprise. That sharp precision was no way for newbie. This girl truly talented as sharpshooter.

" Where are you going?" Xavier Lu asked when he saw the girl turned to leave.

" Home," Rira Alona waved and left the alley through another path. She knew this man wouldn't sell her name out. At least. His lips twitching, as a wave of headache assaulted his brain. A good, long report waiting for him to write. This troublesome girl...he laughed, as helplessness flashing in his eyes.


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