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ok so let me explain why I even started this, tbh I was just really bored I'm not expecting anyone to like or to follow this ,cause eh low expectations, I'm just gonna be wrighting about my experiences at school and some insight of secondary school life and for Americans middle school. You know there's gonna be tea when it involves teenagers 😂

so basically this is just me ranting about how shitty my school is, and how the school system is incredibly unfare, I'm not gonna say the actual names cause I'm not that stupid anyway for the people that wanna know all the boiling hot tea in a teenagers life stick around cause I SWEAR you won't find stuff like this anywear else.


just a little warning I'm not exactly the best person in the world and there are some situations where I am the one to blame but I've finally gotten through that dramatic side of my life I've changed A LOT because of the mistakes I've made (for the better) and so have the people I mentione here (most of them)

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so yeah, your choice if you wanna be hear or not tbh I don't think this is gonna go that far and I also just need somewhere to rant 😂.

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