1 End Of The Flame

Huh, I never would have believed that I would come to this situation. As the Man Who Killed the Gods Themselves, And the Man Who's name was feared By Everyone.

But, It's all going to be a past now, as I can sense my death nearing me.

Oh! Wait, I losing Consciousness. It feels like...

Did I die? huh, I know it would be the case.

being a powerful Figure to kill and slaughter the others, Well I don't regret what I have done, as Its for the sake of my brethren. But, I deserved It.


Since it didn't seem like I was going to wake up anytime soon, while I slowly gravitated towards this bright light, I might as well go along with it.

The journey seemed to take an eternity; I half expected a choir of children to be singing an angelic hymn, beckoning me towards what I hoped would be heaven.

Instead, my vision of everything around me turned into a blur of bright red as sounds a.s.saulted my ears. When I tried to say something, the only sound that came out seemed to be a cry.

The m.u.f.fled voices became clearer and I made out a: "Congratulations Sir and Madam, he's a healthy boy."


I guess normally, I should be thinking along the lines of "s.h.i.+t, was I just born? Am I a baby now?"

But strangely, the only thought that seemed to pop up in my mind was, 'So the Light at the end of the Flame is the light coming through into the female vag…'

Haha... let's not think about it anymore.

a.s.sessing my situation in a rational Demon King manner, I noticed, first of all, that wherever this place was, I understood the language. That's always a good sign.

Next, after slowly and painfully opened my eyes, my retinas were bombarded with different colors and figures. It took a bit of time for my infant's eyes to get used to the light. The doctor, in front of me, had an appealing face with long, greying hair on both head and chin. I swear his gla.s.ses were thick. The strange thing was, he wasn't wearing a doctor's Magical Robe, instead, it was like a white cloth and He also had a strange piped device coiled around his neck.

What the heaven is this place, As a Former Demon king Like me, It was so different than I used to see.

I looked around and saw the female who pushed me out of her bedspread.

I Got that parental vibe from her. So, calling her mother should be fair.

Taking a few more seconds to see what she looked like, I'd have to admit she's a beauty, but that might have been caused by my half blurry eyes. Rather than a glamorous beauty For a Human, I would better describe her as lovely, in a very kind and gentle sense, with distinct blue hair and Azure eyes. I couldn't help but notice her long eyelashes and perky nose that made me want to just cling to her. She just permeated this motherly feel. I am really happy. This is the First time in my Life including my Previous lifetime, seeing my very own Mom. I thought I would never get a chance to see my Mother in my Previous Life. But, I am really happy now, as I have a Mother, And I am not Alone Anymore.

Wait, did I just see a Human? my mother is a Human, That Means.....I Am a Human Now??

Well, Over exaggerating doesn't make anything opposite. Well, I should accept being a human. I think It's a Curse that, the Humans I have killed in my previous life, gave me.

I peeled my face away and turned right to barely make out the person who I a.s.sumed was my father by the grin and teary eyes he gazed at me with. Immediately he said, "Hi Xiao Xuan, I'm your papa, can you say Papa?"

huh! What do You Know, He is My Father. but What's with that...Papa?

I glanced around to see both my mother and the weird-dressed doctor, roll their eyes as my mother managed to scoff, "Darling, he is just born."

I took a closer look at my father and I can see why my lovely mother was attracted to him. Besides the few loose screws he seemed to have by expecting a newborn to articulate a two-syllable word, he was a very charismatic-looking man with a cleanly shaven square jawline that complimented his features. He was Calm and Cool, as for as he was excited. His hair, which had a Light-Grey color, seemed to be kept trim, while his eyebrows were strong and fierce. Yet, his eyes held a gentle quality, whether it was from the way his eyes drooped a bit at the end or from the deep Black that radiated from his irises.

"Hmm, he isn't crying. Doctor, I thought newborns were supposed to cry when they are born." I heard my mother's voice.

By the time I finished checking ou… I mean observing my parents; the weird Dressed doctor simply excused himself saying, "There are cases where the infant does not cry. Please continue resting for a couple of days Mrs. Yu, and let me know if anything happens to Yu Xuan, Mr. Yu."

The following couple of weeks after It was a new kind of torture for me. I had little to no motor control over my limbs except being able to wave them around, and even that got tiring quickly. I realized all too grudgingly that babies don't really get to control their fingers all that much.

I don't know how to break it to you guys, but when you place your finger on a baby's palm, they don't grab it because they like you, they grab it because it's like getting hit in the funny bone; it's a reflex. Forget motor control, I can't even excrete my wastes at my discretion. I was not yet the master of my own bladder. It just… came out.

On the bright side, one of the few perks that I became happily accustomed to was being breastfed by my mother.

Don't get me wrong, I had no ulterior motives whatsoever. It's just that Human breast milk tasted a lot better than I thought and has better nutritional value, okay? Er… please believe me.

time passed, as I can crawl baby!!!, I was really proud of myself. I didn't even feel proud when I killed the Gods in my previous life. Compared to that, I feel that, crawling was my greatest achievement so farr

I traveled by my knees to my parent's Rooms were like huge castle rooms. It had a door entrance, which is activated through buttons from outside. And inside It had a weird device fixed on the ceiling, and even the bed had buttons, if we touched it multiple doors and storage opens. A place in my world from the past, I never had experienced A weird thing like electricity, like I am experiencing now. I only used magic to make things right for me in my previous life...

I started to think, This world..does it even has magic??

My mother quickly proved my hopes wrong as, one day, she healed a scratch on my leg from when I was b.u.mped me against a drawer while playing with the weird Buttons in the room.

No…Not like, band-aid and a kiss heal, but a full-blown, s.h.i.+ning light with a faint hum from her freaking hands type of healing.

You can think it's magic, but it's not... It was like spiritual energy flowing through her body, making her look like using magic.

Where the h.e.l.l am I?

Time passed again, now I can walk a little bit.

I forgot to introduce my parents haven't I, My mother, named Yu Hua, and my father, named Yu Long, at least seemed to be good people, h.e.l.l if not the best.

I suspected my mother was an angel because I've never met such a kindhearted, warm person. While being carried on her Device called A Car, She looked for my safety and strapped a bet around me as it was looking safe. While driving that thing, she checked me at least 100 times, or so. I felt so secure around my mother, as it was my first experience, someone securing me...hehe

I went with her to what she called a City. The City of Beijing was more glorified and developed Than anti-Isla, seeing that there were multiple roads or buildings. We stopped the car and we walked on the main cement trail called Road, where there were Shops and Buildings on both sides with various merchants and salesmen selling all sorts of things—from common, everyday necessities to things I couldn't help but raise a brow at.

My mother bought me to a building named Shopping Mall. It was rather Huge Than I thought from the exterior.

We Walked in, There was a sea of people inside it. What the! Is this Mall is a Residing place? I started to think, as it had enough strength to defeat a hero's Army...

I also observed That People were Flying on their Swords. It was really cool. I gugugaga'ed to my mom pointing my finger towards the people flying on their swords. My Mother said smiled and said, "Does my little boy want to Fly?? Well, first you have to Cultivate then." She said.

Cultivation?? What is heaven is that!!.

I was confused and continued walking with my mother, holding hands. After a few sightseeing, We walked towards the parking lot and went home using The Car.

.....Days passed...

Sitting on the lap of my mother who was caressing me in her bosom, I was intently focused on my dad who was currently sitting down with closed eyes. He was really focused, but I don't understand, why is he doing this.

After two hours, he opened his eyelids. At the Time he opened his eyelids, His eyes were emitting a Radiant Glow. I was really surprised, why is the Glow came from Father's eyes.

What is the name of…was it? the Cultivation, my mother mentioned? Does that mean, my father can fly on swords too??

Well, I should definitely check whats that term cultivation is.

When My Dad and Mom think I am asleep, I will sneak into my father's room and search for the Books relating to Cultivation. But, after every checking, there wasn't a single Book about cultivation, As there were no books in his room.

My Father noticed me searching for Books, so one day he presented me with a device called an iPad.

He explained the use of it, and what we can do with that. he also mentioned it had many books to read. But I don't know how to open books from that thing.

"Darling, he is only 2. You are already giving his own iPad??" My Mom asked my dad. By the tone my mom spoke, I can say that This iPad Thing is a really expensive device for my age. But That doesn't Bother my dad. he replied to my mother that, "I gave that because he really needs it!!".

I really admire my Father in these cases. he then walked towards me and sat beside me. he also saw that I was unable to use that. So he taught me, how to see things. How to search Things, And even Take a Picture of something (well it's really convenient Than a painting).

And From that day on, I became tech biz and became a bizarre user to search things Online.

From what I learned, this world is called Earth. I'm living in a continent called China. My house is in Beijing City. The People all over the Earth cannot use magic, but they are accustomed to using Spiritual energy, Through Cultivation.

Cultivation is a process of building up One's Spiritual energy. It can be done by meditation techniques which are People accustomed to.

Inside our soul, we can sense 7 stars, through meditation. One should connect all the seven stars to awaken their Spirit Core. Then There are The Spirit Core Levels. They are separated as different Realms.

Level1-level20: Beginner Realm (Spirit Scholar)

Level20-Level40 Intermediate Realm (Spirit Master )

Level40-level60: Advanced Realm (Spirit King)

Level60-level80: Master of Advance Realm (Spirit Saint)

Level80-Level90: Master Spirit Realm (Spirit Sage)

Level91-Level94: Divine Spirit Realm (Titled Sage)

Level95-Level99: Advanced Divine Consciousness Realm (Grand Titled Sage)

Level100: ???

The level 100 was never achieved by anyone till now. Legends say that, If anyone can reach level 100, Then they can enter the Gods Realm.

This Is also The place where power and wealth decided one's rank in society. In that sense, it wasn't too different from my old world, except for the lack of Cultivation.

Now let's talk about currency.

The currency in this new world seemed pretty Pathetic. It was just sheets of paper. But although they have this, They show their Communication device called Mobile Phones to the sellers to buy things. More than that, things are coming to themselves, as they call that process as Home delivery. pretty pathetic. But convenient.


Every day involved honing my new body, mastering the motor functions residing deep within me.

That comfortable regimen soon changed.