The Cyborg Who Become Completely Alive in Another Universe
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The Cyborg Who Become Completely Alive in Another Universe


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What is The Cyborg Who Become Completely Alive in Another Universe

The Cyborg Who Become Completely Alive in Another Universe is a popular web novel written by the author Kodas_Volon, covering HAREM, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MAGIC, ISEKAI, TECHNOLOGICAL GAP, LATE ROMANCE, ROBOT, LOYAL SUBORDINATES, ANDROID, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 17.4K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 3 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 4 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Many years ago, in the past, there was a young boy who loved artificial intelligence very much. He even often endangers his own life to protect the AIs who were hated by almost everyone in the whole universe. Unfortunately for him, his duration of life was short because of the incurable disease he has. His father, deeply saddened by the death of his beloved son, was determined to do a lot of research and experimentation with his extraordinary intelligence to bring his son back to life. As he had expected, after he succeeded in bringing his son back to life, his son will not become entirely alive. Because now, his son's feelings he had before were completely gone. Because of it, huge problems occurred in the universe. Many years later, the boy, who was already 25 years old, when he was in a deadly situation because of his enemies' ambush, a woman's voice echoed in his ears, saying she would fulfill the goal he could not achieve, to have his feelings back. In exchange, he must help her too. Without any reply from him, the owner of the voice moved him to a weird planet where Magic and Dragons even exist.

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This is very interesting story and I like the story line.It can evoke my curiosity to read and I think this is recommended for you guys. I wanna know the next chapter.


Tbh not really sure what to write here. We’re only a handful of chapters in but I am already enjoying the pace of the story. It’s seems layed back while also being on edge. Idk. All I know is this webnovel is worth giving a shot. And if this is how I can help support this is how I will help support.


Man book had me crying when the little snow died 😭 like she was best girl so sad. But fang Yun is gonna get revenge and kill da long the sect master of the sperm sect. Don't know was trying to make some stupid Chinese generic novel review


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