19 How To Shut A Man Up

Chao Xiang wanted to take advantage of the fact that this country bumpkin might have never seen a luxurious bathroom all her life.

The escort probably had no idea how to use them, which buttons to press or which things to tap so that it would work. This way, he can stay inside the bathroom while he helped her in her bath.

Wait a minute.

Who was the one who got paid for her services?

Wasn't it the escort?

Chao Xiang backtracked as he frowned at the woman in front of him, who stood in front of the large and round mirrors with orange lights behind them, giving them a soft glow, and played peek-a-boo with her reflection.

No. No. No.

This can't be.

Why would a Young Master like him be an escort's assistant?

He mused as he squinted at her, rubbing his chin in contemplation.

She should be the one assisting him in taking his clothes off!

Maybe, he could convince the escort to do that. But, he can't stop his lips from curving upward from his brilliant plan.

"Escort." Chao Xiang called as he raised his arms sidewards, forming the human version of the letter T. "Help me take my clothes off."

She clicked her tongue. "That is strange, Young Master. You seem to have no problem taking all your clothes off when I just arrived here." She whispered. "And suddenly you need assistance when you can be naked all by yourself? How quickly you have forgotten that."

Then, she gave him a quick side-eye glance before returning her gaze to the mirror. "How quickly you have forgotten that."

The escort didn't even turn her head from the mirror to look at him as she ran her fingers through the wet strands of her long dark hair, tilting her head from left to right.

She even traced her delicate jawline as she hummed a slow, creepy song.

She was too fascinated by the mirror as if it was the first time she had seen herself.

The escort kept raising her arms and pointing her fingers towards it to find out if her mirror image would follow her movements.

At this point, Chao Xiang eyebrows were raised.

How dare she call her strange when she was the one who was stranger than him?

She wasn't just a beautiful girl from the province.

Now, Chao Xiang have no idea if they lived in the same era if she didn't know how a mirror worked.

"I have not forgotten alright?"

Did this mean that the woman would prefer that he stripped without warning as he did earlier so that she could begin screaming like a dolphin with its high pitched whistles that would rival Mariah Carey's voice?

No, he wouldn't dare do that again.

He wasn't stupid.

Then, the head of security, the hotel manager and the other guards might barge in the bathroom and accuse him of ****.

Gritting his teeth in annoyance, Chao Xiang allowed his arms to fall to each side awkwardly and countered, "Is this the first time you are seeing a mirror, escort?"

"Would you quit calling me, escort, Young Master?" The escort looked in his direction but not quite.

He noticed that she wasn't staring at him in the eyes while the two of them were alone in this enclosed space, even if his luxurious bathroom was almost as large as his bedroom.

The sparkling light brown tiles with their natural hues in the same shades of a tree trunk giving the illusion like it was made of wood.

The bathtub was wide enough to fit two more girls for a threesome, and it was located near the picturesque floor-to-ceiling windows.

The shower stall was settled in another enclosed place and the toilet, with only a clear glass door separating it from the rest of the bathroom.

There was a door--with a smaller width just enough to fit two people if they stood side by side--in the bathroom connected to his walk-in closet.

That way, he could access clothes easier.

The sink was pristine white with additional black designs, making it appear masculine.

Well, it was obvious that a man owned the penthouse.

"I don't know what 'escort' meant but it sounded close to 'consort'." The escort corrected him.

She clutched the front of her Hanfu, lifting the drenched fabric of her skin.

Well, the lady might not meet his eyes, but she was glaring at him through her reflection. "I am not one. Do you understand?"

"You aren't an escort. Noted." Chao Xiang muttered without taking his eyes off her sweet, lovely face, the swan-like curve of her neck.

As he held his breath, Chao Xiang's sharp gaze immediately fell to the pale skin of her right chest, which was as smooth and as white as a pearl.

He sighed in disappointment when she released the edge of the damp fabric, and it landed on her exposed chest once again, covering the few seconds of his heaven.

From her subtle wince, Chao Xiang can sense her discomfiture. Her foot rubbed against the bridge of her other foot as she rubbed them together, squirming from the sensation of her wet clothes rubbing against her cold skin.

Wrinkling her nose, she covered her mouth when she sneezed so loud.

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He just knew the lady was just anxious about changing into new clothes because it embarrassed her.

Such a prude!

What was there to be ashamed of when she was there with him as an escort?

"Why do you always want to be naked?" She flushed and averted her gaze from him. "I don't want to be naked. I am not the Emperor's Consort."

"'Escort' and 'Consort' don't only sound the same, babe." He gave her a wicked smile. "Their lines of work have similar goals. Both have to take their clothes off. Didn't I tell you before that I already paid for you in full?"

"I didn't want to be naked." She said stiffly. "I didn't have the money you claim to have paid me!"

His smile faded and replaced with a scowl. "The money is still with your boss. He is the owner of the Emperor's Club. He is my friend."

"I can't do this." She demanded she showed him her plans. It made his head—and his prick—throb for some reason. "I need the money right now! In my hands."

He was stunned by the escort's audacity to manipulate him. "I thought we already agreed on this You refuse to pay with your body but you don't want to live the premises!"

"Where is the food you promised?"

"You haven't even done something to make me excited yet." He growled. "You're demanding a lot of things. You are just an escort. You are not my wife—"

Chao Xiang gasped when she pulled the front of her garment and flashed her boobs at him.