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The Cursed Trickster


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Nice book, no grammar issues, and good plotline from what I've read. It's not my favorite writing style, but I still think it's really well written. The only advice I would have Is something that someone else has already summed up in their review: Don't focus so much on descriptions and try to limit the amount of characters because most webnovel readers don't have many braincells and hate remembering names.

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3.6 First half of the prologue was really good imo. It's the second half where everything goes downhill. Its just... description after description. A lot of commas, and a lot more descriptions. By the time I was done with the first chapter, it felt as though I had just studied for a couple of hours. It felt a bit like a chore. Still, the book is not bad at all. The only reason I didn't get intrigued by it is because of the descriptions and the commas. Sort that out and you've got something. Really.


3.4 The characters talk naturally, and they also move around during their conversations, which is a good thing. I would even say these parts are good. However, everything else is drowned by an absolutely ridiculously huge avalanche of unnecessary descriptions drenched in fancy and complicated words. It seems more like the author is trying to sell us his mastery over english instead of his book. Becuase of that, reading the description portions feels like a huge drag. Luckily, the actual conversations look good.


An interesting tale, with a world waiting to be discovered. Morgana's return to her previous home is endearing, and left me hoping for what would come next. The pace is a little slow, and with some more editing I'm sure the story would become more enthralling. It can only get better.