53 Unexpected Development (1)

Chapter 53: Unexpected Development (1)

I could hear some "Eh?" from my new classmates at the words of the green head. 

Izuku didn't have much change in appearance, truthfully, he just had a more well-defined body and was a bit more stylish than Canon. Though this was still enough to make him look like a completely different person.

Izuku Midoriya… what exactly happened to him for him to…

<Izuku Midoriya - Protagonist - Tier 4>

...Reach Tier 4?

The "Protagonist" title after his name glowed golden, I guess that's one of the reasons why he is here. System, any explanation?

The system luckily replied immediately.

[As you know, master, the Omniverse possesses a Will. That's the same with worlds as well. Each planet has a 'Will', of course not the same as humans, but they're aware enough to make sure their existence is safe. That's why, in every era, they choose an "Avatar" who they nurture and protect to fend off an evil that would threaten the world's existence in the near future. These chosen ones are the "Protagonist".]

She continued. [In every Era, after the previous Protagonist dies, or at least when the World calculates the current Protagonist to not be strong enough for the next threat, a new one is picked, such as in this case, My hero Academia. This world's previous Protagonist was Toshinori Yagi, but when the World realised that this man who's been weakened greatly won't be able to fend off the next incoming threats, it chose Izuku Midoriya as it's next protector.]

Goddammit. That explains a lot. It's like One Piece, kinda, like how Gol D. Roger was basically the Protagonist before Luffy's birth. Many things are making sense now from different anime… but that's not the point here. 

The point is, Izuku Midoriya is protected by the world itself. That's why now he has a quirk, that's why he is now standing inside Class 1-A.

But why though?

I used an Observe on him to see his quirk.


(1) Attraction-Repulsion: Can attract and repel anything below the weight of 9 TON.

(2) Astral Projection: The ability to voluntarily project the astral body (consciousness), being associated with out-of-body experience, in which the astral body becomes separate from the physical body.]

First of all, two Quirks, fucking All for One is involved, and next, even then, why? These two abilities aren't that strong. Why did the world choose him as the Protagonist? Shouldn't Mirio be the Protagonist? I am not counting myself since I am a life from an outer world, so that might disqualify me, but I don't see the reason why Mirio isn't the Protagonist.

Meaning, 1. The Will of the World picked Izuku just when he was born, or when All Might got injured, and now it can't change him at a whim for whatever reason. 2. The plans the Will of the World makes aren't absolute, as I was able to change them unknowingly, causing Deku to not get OFA. 

Meaning, it doesn't matter if Izuku Midoriya is a bit stronger than the others here, he is no threat to me… or wait, fuck.

Astral Projection…



Izuku Midoriya stood in front of the whole class with a magnificent grin on his face. His eyes drifted by his classmates, people who he believed to be below him in the grand scheme of things. 

His eyes fell on the short brunette haired girl at the rightmost corner of the class, he didn't have any reactions. She was bland. Though he could locate some exceptional faces, like that black-haired girl sitting in front of the silver-haired boy, she looked to be someone from high class, along with the boy also. 

But… nobody can compare to him, of course. He, Izuku Midoriya, was just that great.

His eyes drifted further, at the Half-Hot Half-Cold kid on the middle row of the class. He could feel that this guy was a bit different than others present here, a bit better, but soon, he again dismissed Shoto just as his eyes drifted at the left most corner. This was the moment when he felt… the world take a spin. 


Looking at the blonde kid at the leftmost seat of the class, he almost jumped in delight. He saw him before, but he didn't expect him to be in the same class as him. 

It… it was Katsuki Bakugou, his only friend. Right, he was his friend. The only person in the world other than his mother and Master, who accepted him… right? 

His past memories were a bit foggy, but how could he forget how kind Kacchan was to him?

As his eyes met with the blonde's fierce gaze, he couldn't feel superior to him. How could he!? Friends are equal, after all!

His superior grin vanished as he smiled softly.

"Kacchan, that's you right? Do you remember me? You might not since it's been a while. How have you been?"

He asked casually as he walked to Kacchan. He couldn't see any empty seats beside his old friend, unfortunately, but he could at least have some small talks before the class started.

"Where the hell do ya think you're walking to, Deku!?"

Unexpectedly, his old friend seemed to have a temper as he blasted his hands after standing up from his seat. 

"Can't you see that there is no empty seat here? Stop looking at me as if we're close."

Deku felt a little pain in his heart, but it was fine. He knew his friend was a little bad at conveying his feeling, like a Tsundere, and he was fine with it. 

Deku still tried to walk to him but just then-

"Yawn… What's up with the commission?"

A dead, tired, and sleepy voice entered his ears. Turning back, he found a man standing by the door with a cocoon covering his body.

All the other students also turned to the man, Aizawa, who simply stared at them. His eyes drifted at Katsuki's figure who had smoke coming out of his palm, then he looked at Izuku who was frowning and glaring at him.

'Hm?' He tilted his head at the green head. "Why are you standing there? Can't you see your Homeroom teacher is here?"

"Homeroom Teacher!?"

The kids seemed shocked at this, how can this hobo-looking guy be a teacher, more so their Homeroom teacher? Of course, Shota Aizawa was fine with their reactions as this was nothing new.

All this time, he didn't move his gaze from Izuku who clicked his tongue and went to sit on an empty seat in the middle row, at the front seat beside Kirishima who tried to introduce himself, but he just slapped his hand.

At this Aizawa stared at Izuku for 3 more seconds. Looks like he spotted a problem child. Just when he was about to sigh, he heard a small chuckle from the end of the left row. 

He turned to see a silver-haired boy staring at Izuku's back with unreadable eyes. 

This time the sigh did leave his lips. 

'Another problem…'

And this one was strong too. Probably the strongest in the class.


This would be fun. I have talked about my fear of Astral Projection back when I was just born, but heh, if I get scared of fucking Izuku what the hell am I supposed to do against Divine beings?

I ignored this subject altogether for now. My high-school life would be fun… very fun, at least until I leave to walk on my own path after the first year. Either way, I am looking forward to it-

"Nice abs bro."


I stilled briefly looking at the red-head, Ejiro Kirishima, who stared at my chest naked body. We were inside the locker, changing our costumes since Aizawa gave us gym clothes and asked us to gather outside. 

"Damn, they're so well defined. It's as if an artist drew it… That chest, those biceps, and especially those abs…. Is your Quirk 'Perfect Physique' or something? Aww... I am feeling jealous."

He came closer to me and tried to place his hand on my chest but I raised my hand.

"Stop, right there, I am not into boys."

"Huh?" It's just touching each other, it's fine."

"It's not fine, that's gay. Say no homo."



"N-no homo!?"


I sighed while Kirishima looked confused. Fuck, stay away from me, don't just randomly touch my chest, dude.

I used Observe to make sure of his intentions, he's always been sus in the anime. 

...I heaved a relieved sigh seeing his State. Well… I guess he doesn't have any weird ideas, my bad.

I sighed at the end and raised my hand for a handshake. "It's Neji Hado, nice to meet you."

"A-ah, it's Eijiro Kirishima." 

He accepted my handshake as the mood lightened a little.

After that, I wore gym clothes in a rush and reached the ground. 

I am curious about what type of test Aizawa is going to take this time. I think all the students here attended Hero Middle schools, so they have already done ball throw, long jumps, and such using their quirks before. Aizawa should already have a record of that, and from what I know of his character, he wouldn't just take the same tests and waste both his and our time. 

We reached the ground where a… soccer field was present. Hm?

Aizawa, who was standing there, talked first, "Welcome to the Hero Course, everyone. You're 20 seconds late, not very hero-like. A hero should be present at the crime scene even before it happens, we are not police after all."

Kaminari suppressed a laugh from my side while Aizawa continued. "I don't want to waste more time, so I'll get straight to the point. I know that every one of you is from a Hero School other than Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya."

This made me raise an eyebrow. Bakugo didn't attend a Hero Middle school? Why? It should have been easy for him to get there with his Quirk. Bleh, not my problem.

Bakugo didn't look happy at the mention of this, but Aizawa continued regardless. "I already have the test results of ball-throwing, long jump, 50-meter run, and such games. I don't want to repeat it here just because of two students and waste time, so I'd instead have an extra class after school ends, I can't let any future heroes slip by."

Bakugo and Izuku nodded, Izuku still looking at Aizawa dismissively. 

I am getting more curious about what exactly happened to him.

"Either way, I do have some plans for you guys in my mind. Hero Middle school only taught you how to use your quirks better, and make you familiar with them, but in UA we are going to push you and your quirk to its limits. That's why we are here."

At Aizawa's pause where he waited for the students to process his words, Momo leaned at me. "Psst, what do you think he's going to make us do? Play soccer?"

I looked at the soccer field behind him along with the multiple balls. Hm… multiple balls.

I looked at Momo, "I have an idea, how about you tell me yours first?"

Momo hummed before nodding. "Okay then." She then turned to the field. "I think he's going to make us play soccer, but 1v1 against each other. If you count, there are exactly 10 balls, enough for 20 students."

Heh, smart girl. I put my hand on her head and patted it. 

"Good girl."

"Hehe." She nudged closer to me at this. Momo acts like a cute little puppy to me sometimes, really makes me want to pet her more… 

Noticing Ochako looking this way, I removed my hand from her head to which Momo dimmed a little but still nonetheless had her smile.

I then said, "I guess you're right, the thought didn't cross my mind."

Not really true, as I had the same idea, but this would make her feel better than she was already, so meh. Doesn't matter.

And as expected, Aizawa then started to explain.

"As you can see this field has exactly 10 balls. Like some of you deducted, you'd have to play against each other 1v1. The game is simple, the first side to score 5 goals is the winner."

This started a chatter between the students while Momo was smiling softly too. Momo's personality is a bit different because of how much I influenced her mental growth this time, but she is still the same Momo Yaoyorozu from Canon.

Aizawa then looked down on his note. "I have tried my best to make the game fair since this allows the use of your quirks, for example Tsuyu would need to exert great effort to be able to win against Todoroki because of Frog's natural weakness to cold, so I hope to not see any excuse of 'unfairness' from any of you. Both sides would be on equal advantage and disadvantage. And….."

After that, he went to talk about the rules. Long story short, everything is allowed as long as our hands don't touch the balls and we don't hurt our opponents. 

Then, he announced the first participants.

"Now, for the 1st round, Izuku Midoriya and Momo Yayorozu, please come forward."


Oh my, now this is intriguing.




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