1 Reincarnation (1)

Chapter 1: Reincarnation (1)

There are two areas in the entire plane of existence where life exists.

The Prime and the Cube Omniverse, are the two omniverses that coexist via each other.

The Cube Omniverse is called such because it is shaped like a cube, floating in the centre-most part of the Prime Omniverse.

The Cube is the personification of dreams and desires, the imagination that originates from the people living in the Prime Omniverse, which over time created an Omniverse that exists within this cube.

Usually, people can't leave and enter their own respective Omniverses. But that's not always the case, such as with "Strange Subject 799" here.

Sitting in a place called The Neutral Zone, which exists in-between the gate of Prime and Cube, in a room with walls painted with moving cosmos, Soul-799 stared at the only other person present here beside him.

'I died, she says.' Thought 799 as he looked at the fiery red-haired woman in front of him. 'A goddess? She's reading a book though. Can't she just consume the contents just by wishing to if she really is a goddess?'

He couldn't help but think, despite the more important fact that he had, apparently, died.

But it couldn't be helped, after all, 799 lacked most of his common sense right now because of the instability his soul experienced when he died, along with the fact that he went inside something called the 'Wheel of Purification' which erased most of his memories. All this seemed like a dream to his current shaken brain, that had his senses distorted. Though he could feel his senses return with every passing second.

"Are you done contemplating?" The self-proclaimed goddess said in a smooth but unsettled voice, raising her head to look at him with her eyes annoyed. "Look, I don't mind you taking the time of your life, I have been locked in this place too long to care but I would still prefer if I am left alone while reading. It doesn't feel good being gawked like that, you see."

"Ah… uh, I see." 799, his current shape that of a small floating blue ball, supposedly a soul, nodded. "If you don't mind talking for a bit… How did I die exactly? "

"Hmmm," the goddess tilted her head, nodding. "I don't mind conversing as long as you're not being annoying."

Her words were harsh, but 799 couldn't find himself disliking her. She had a certain charm to her, maybe because of her otherworldly beautiful look. Coupled with red hair and golden eyes, she had an unamused face as she talked.

"You were killed by being eaten whole by a shark. You were on a yacht, I won't reveal why, but at one point of your journey, you fell into the water right on the mouth of a shark. Oh, you may or may not have been pushed down, how amusing…" the Goddess said, squinting at her book as if all this was written in it. "Ohhh, this is… kind of interesting and sad."

Soul-799 was confused, fidgeting around. "So uh, I died being eaten by a shark? Must have been painful. I guess I am quite unlucky, huh. Sharks rarely ever attack humans and would much rather feed on fish and marine mammals, after all."

"...Hm?" The Goddess frowned at his words. "What? How do you know that? You're not supposed to have any memories regarding anything of your life, not even this."

The goddess' golden irises shone brightly as she looked at 799's soul before pausing and blinking. "...Ohh, your memories weren't entirely cleaned even after you came out of the Wheel of Purification. Maybe the machine is broken… Whatever, I will erase that bit of memory after we're done here."

She yawned, as 799's blue ball body paled, if that was even possible.

"Um, about that. Isn't this the type of situation where I am isekai'd into some kind of fictional world? Do you really have to erase my memory?" He asked, trying to be respectful even though all this seemed like a dream to him. "I can't remember much anyway, just this and that. Things that weren't related to my identity."

He could remember many animes, novels, and movies only, along with some random knowledge. Was it necessary to remove them?

"Yes, it is necessary. Don't question my judgement." The goddesses said in a no-nonsense tone, the sclera of her eyes turning black for a moment before they returned to normal white.

She explained, "Do you know why I called you Strange Subject 799? That's because you're the 799th soul in all of eternity to have entered the Cube from the Prime. I don't expect you to know what those are but anyway, but in short reincarnators of your background are such a pain that they cause trouble everywhere. That's why a few hundred millennia ago, it was made into a rule that souls from the Prime should have all their memories eradicated. The ones who reincarnated before this rule were annihilated later on, so don't try to be smart, mortal man."

The goddess finished with a threatening chuckle, flipping her page and starting to read again. "Anyway, I will remove your memory after we're done choosing a power and world for you. And no, you can't just choose any you wish, you'd simply roll a Fate Roluttee which will give you a power. It depends on your luck honestly on what you get, but I would suggest you hope you're not too lucky. Later on, you'd roll a World Wheel to choose your world."

She snapped her fingers just as a part of the wall painted by the galaxy shattered, revealing a huge roulette that 799 couldn't fathom the size of.

"Now go on, it will take a while for the roll to end. Let me enjoy myself in the meantime." She said, waving her hand off as she started to concentrate on her book again.

799 was pretty anxious about the memory erasure procedure. To him, a memory made a person, and even though he already lost all his valuable memories, he didn't want to lose the other parts.

Still, floating over, he stood under the enormous roulette as it started the spin by itself the moment he thought of spinning it.

He was familiar with this procedure, his memory told him he had read about this in things called "Fanfictions". In these troupes, the reincarnator gained a special power from this roulette and later on, was sent to a fictional world. That made 799's worries all the more excessive.

Without his memories, things won't be as fun living a 2nd life. He didn't know why, but a deep part of him wanted a decent life in his next turn as if his 1st life was just too bad. He wondered why. More so, living in any of those fictional worlds without memories… the chance of his death was absurdly high.

The roulette was taking a long time, as the Goddess said. Even after five minutes, it was still gaining speed. But 799 didn't have anywhere else to go, so he simply waited before the roulette reached its peak speed and started to slow down.

At one point, names started to become visible in the roulette.

Names Such as "Madara Uchiha Powers", "Grand Mist Body", "Origin Magic" "A God King's Transformation" were caught in 799's eye.

There were more, but he had never seen most of those names. A part of him felt anxious to hope for any of the big powers because… Well, the Goddess said 'Don't hope to be too lucky.' and that can't be a good sign.

For some reason, she or her higher-ups wouldn't like it if he were to gain a strong power. 799 just couldn't understand why they were holding this reincarnation procedure at all if they didn't want the reincarnators to get strong powers. What was their plan?

As the roulette kept slowing down, he noticed some truly interesting names.

"Quirk- New Order"

"Aura of Absolute Domination"

"God Emperor Ashura's Descendant"

"Reality Manipulation"

"Author's Authority"

"The Gamer System"

All were interesting, but among them, the Author's Authority seemed to be the strongest. If 799 could remember correctly, that was the narrative version of Omnipotence. You say something or even write something down, and it becomes reality. Though that might just work in the world that is created by that person, thus the name "Author". So 799 wouldn't bet his money on that. He simply hoped for the Gamer System.

Frankly, the Gamer System was strong, but it wasn't on the level that it'd be considered "too lucky" by these gods, would it? Of course not.


799 waited silently, feeling a strange sense of adrenaline rush that shouldn't happen in this body-less soul of his. There was a "↓" sign to indicate what power would be chosen once the wheel stopped, and luckily all his target powers were very close to it, as the wheel started to really slow down.

A minute later,


799 was honestly surprised as he watched the name "The Gamer System" stop directly under the arrow mark, not moving an inch anymore.

"Holy shit."

799 couldn't help but laugh out loud as he saw a blue light flash from within the wheel and then enter his soul.

[A new host has been selected. Initiating the Game.]

Though 799 was happy he realised something… was wrong.


It was a yell coming from behind him, making him turn as he found the Goddess from before, sweating as she looked at him with weary eyes, a fucking cell phone in her ears.

"T-this is bad! The subject 799, y-yes the new guy!! He received that darn Gamer System from the wheel! Come here no, we must annihilate him before history repeats itself!"

"Oh…" Soul-799 couldn't help but step back as the Goddess' beautiful face started to distort into that of a demon. "Looks like I got a bit too lucky… haha."

Without any second thought, 799 turned and jumped out of the broken wall, hoping to run away from wherever this place was.




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