5 New Life (2)

Chapter 5

Title: New Life (2)


The next time I woke up, it was dark. Luckily, it was not as dark as when I was in my mother's womb.

I was laying inside a baby crib, or so I assumed from my viewpoint of the room I was in.

I slightly turned my head to look around the room.

Around me, there was a wardrobe, a huge bed, and a bedside table with a lamp on top of it. There were also shelves and planters close to the window. I could even locate some wall paintings. All this gave me a general idea of what my family state was in this world. 

I again tried looking around, searching for my parents, but I couldn't find anyone.

'So, I am alone here?' 

The window of the room was blocked by a curtain so I couldn't tell if it was day or night. If it's night, then there is a possibility that they are sleeping. My sight can't reach the top of the bed, so maybe my parents really are sleeping.

Anyway, this only means that I have some free time on my hands – that I don't want to waste crying and waking up my parents. I'd rather check the system and the curse.

While ignoring the fact that I was having a hard time breathing in this baby's body, I chanted in my mind: 'Status.'

Immediately, a blue half-transparent hologram appeared in my point of view.

[                               <1/2>                                ]


Name: Neji Hado

Age: 0 (15 years)

Class: The Gamer

Title: N/A

Level: 1

Race: [Human]

HP: 20/20

MP: #/#

STR: 2

END: 2

DEX: 2

INT: 15

WIS: 15

CHA: 1

LUC: 1

Health Regen = END x 5

Stat Points: 0 ]

I double-checked my status and nodded to myself. The only change I see is my name and my HP that was 5/5 before (it must have increased since I graduated from being a fetus). Guess that's that.

There was also another thing: 'Although I didn't give it much thought before, my luck stat is really low, huh.' I was a bit confused, after all, I did survive the wrath of Gods.

I didn't give it much attention for now, 'Now about that skill page…' 

I then used my mind to command the page to turn.

[                               <2/2>                                ]

[Skills: 04                                           (🔔°)                     

•Gamer's Body (Passive)

•Gamer's Mind (Passive)

•Curse of the Primordial (Passive)

•The Great Will of the Omniverse's Blessing (Passive)]

Everything is the same here too. I didn't get any gift or something in my sleep either. Without thinking twice, I clicked on 'The Great Will of the Omniverse's Blessing'.

Immediately, the page expanded as the information on the skill appeared in my retina.

[The Great Will of the Omniverse's Blessing:

You, a mortal soul, have survived the fight against Gods and Primordial Gods – even managing to escape from them at last. Surely, this feat is enough for the Will of the Omniverse to take an interest in you. 

The great Omniverse has taken an interest in you because of your luck and courage, she has blessed you with a skill!

Effect: You are immune to all debuffs and all kinds of negative effects. ]

It is also the same as before. And like I thought, it says something good about my luck. So, I can only assume I used all my life's luck to escape from there… haha, fuck.

An annoyed sigh escaped my baby lips. I just ignored this and checked the 'Curse of the Primordial'. Didn't find any change there either.

Then the final step, I clicked on the (🔔°) icon. 

Again, my vision was filled with zillions of spam alerts. 

It was pretty hard to distinguish any message so I decided to try a command: 

'System, hide all the spam messages.'

Immediately, all the messages that were considered spam disappeared, and I was introduced with a clean interface. 

I released a relieved breath. 'I guess this works.'

I again commanded: 'Show me the message chain with the word, Mana. Show only one of the chains if there are spams.'

Immediately, four messages appeared in my retina. 

[Ding! 'Curse of the Primordial' has used its 'No Mana' property!]

[Ding! 'The Great Will of the Omniverse's Blessing' is busy blocking the 'Take Everything' property!]

[Ding! 'The Great Will of the Omniverse's Blessing' has blocked 95% of the Curse of the Primordial, but failed to block the other 5%.]

[Ding! More specifically, 'The Great Will of the Omniverse's Blessing' has failed to block the 'No Mana' property! The host would now be affected by the curse!]

[Ding! The host is now unable to use mana!]

...So it's true. Fuck fuck fuck, fuck you, red bastard. Fuck you too red-haired demon bitch. 

What's a Gamer with Mana? Fucking hell.

No, this is not even about Gamer anymore. As a teenager, who didn't want magical powers?  This is personal.

Unable to control my baby hormones, I almost cried, emphasis on almost, I don't cry. I am strong… okay, I might have cried a bit, but that's not important. Moving on.


Let's not cry over spilt milk anymore. Instead, let's see my other options first.

To become strong fast, I need skills. Especially the ID Creation skill. That's the easiest way to farm, yet, I don't think I can even activate the skill without mana. As far as I recall, most active skills needed Mana to work, without Mana, my Gamer System has lost 90% of its charm…

Ugh, back to square one huh.

Look, I am happy I got the system, a second chance, to begin with. But the fact that I lost something that I shouldn't have lost is what pisses me off, more so when that something is fucking magic that is every kid's fantasy.

But in the end, the only thing a mere mortal like me could do was biting my lips.

Alright, the good point:

 The gamer system is good even without mana. At least, it's still better than a system which's only job is to increase your dick size. 

The bad point: 

I am well aware that I can build myself physically with stats and passive skills. But what can I do with physical strength alone in the long run? Let me explain,

I recall reading a KR novel where the Main Character was Mana-less. Even without Mana, he was physically the strongest. 

He won every fight, including the 'first-half' of the boss fight – but he couldn't completely beat the boss after the final boss used his <Astral Form>. Since normal punches couldn't hit ghosts, the MC was rendered useless and died in the end.

Just like that, in the end, I am an ant in front of those intimidating pieces of shits with divinity.

Yes, I believe I would need to fight the Gods again. If I was concerned about surviving in the MHA world, I would be a fucking dumbass. 

All this is to blame the first Gamer. He pissed the Gods, now the Gods are eradicating every one who gets the Gamer system. 

Considering that, I believe they would try to find me. It's surprising how they haven't found me yet, but I am sure they will find me eventually, maybe even this right day.

When that happens – even becoming the strongest being physically possible in the whole damn multiverse wouldn't help me… or would it?

'Wait a second-'

Realisation hit me.

My memory was hazy, so I couldn't recall before, but… isn't there some guy called… Saitama? The Protagonist of One Thrust- wait no, it was One Punch man. Yeah, Saitama, I remember. 

...That KR dude couldn't kill the Final Boss because he wasn't strong enough. Yeah, let's believe that. 

Could Saitama beat Primordial Gods? Since I am desperate, I will believe he could.

Now – if there is even the tiniest chance that the Gods won't find me in the next decade or two – which might even be wishful thinking – I think I could get strong. 

I giggled softly, accidentally biting my tongue. 

I can survive… most likely. If I get as strong as Saitama, I will survive. Though the chance of reaching that level in 2 decades sounds impossible.

'Alright, let's not cry over no-mana anymore. Instead…'

While feeling a little salty in my tongue, I then decided to check the other things granted by the system. 

Let's gamble everything on the Gamer System.


After a while, as I calmed down I had this thought. 'Normally, I would have freaked out more badly, but it seems the Gamer's Mind helped me stay as calm as possible.'

I then looked at the status screen, while another thought surfaced in my mind. 'Does inventory still work with the curse on?

Only one word to find out: 'Inventory!'

Instantly, a half-transparent screen with many small squares appeared in my retina. 

Hm? What's that?

What caught me by surprise was a small box… wrapped in a gift package.

'Could it be…?'

I didn't think much and clicked on the gift package, only to come regretting it. 'What if it's the Primordial God's scheme? What if this is a trap?'

But it was too late. I had already clicked the box with my mind's command.

[Ding! You have received the Gift Box of UnknownGamer69!

Would you like to open it?

<Yes / No>]

UnknownGamer69? I didn't know who it was, but I had a guess. I took the risk and clicked yes.

Soon, more notifications appeared in my retina.

[You have received UnknownGamer69's digital letter!]

'A letter…? Who is this fucker who put a letter inside a gift box? First, fuck you. Second, let's see.'

Ignoring the notification, I looked at the inventory, and now the gift box was gone and a letter in one of the squares. 

I clicked the box as it zoomed.

[Would you like to open the digital letter?


I clicked yes as the letter opened itself with an animation. Soon, a blank letter appeared in front of me.

Blank- before I could decide on that, letters found themselves on the page.

"Yo, Cursed Man."

Alright, I don't know who he is, but I hate him already.

"Yo, chill down, no hate between fellow gamers, that's an unwritten rule."

More texts appears… It's like he is reading my mind, rather than me reading his letter. But fellow gamer, heh? 

You're that fucker? Fucking cunt.

"Yep, I am the dude that red-skinned bastard killed before, the first Gamer. And yeah, I have (more like had) a skill named <Future Sight>, I am 'talking' with you using that. Any more questions?"

Yes. What do you want? Why is your letter in my inventory?

"Well, that inventory is yours now, but it was mine a long long time ago. I just put that letter there before my death, to let you know something - the Gods are after you, they are looking for you and they will find you, killing your beloved and ruining your life."

'...' Okay? That much was clear from the start, but hearing it so bluntly still hurts a little.

"Yeah, I am a straightforward person." Somehow I don't buy that. "Hey, come on, I am letting you know about such important news, at least be grateful."

I mean I already knew about this, I don't see a point in being grateful for that.

More texts appear on the page: "Fuu… you are a hard one, kid. But anyway, what if I rather give you the exact date of when they attack you and fuck you bad?"


"Haha, funny kid." Fuck just say it. "Yes yes, I know. Exactly 30 years from now, they will attack your current world. Prepare for it, you may or may not survive,"

Well… I can work with that. 30 years, not that long to prepare for Gods, but if they are as weakened as they were in the Neutral Zone, then I think I might find a way against them. 30 years is a good enough time.

Okay, now the final question; what's the catch? Why are you helping me?

"Ah, you're no fun... Okay, don't give me that look, I will go straight to it. So basically, it's a long story-" Just say it, cunt. "I want you to kill that red-skinned bastard, and r*pe that red-haired bitch."

...And why would I do that? Rápe? Blackmail is another thing, I have experience with that, but r*pe? Nah, man.

"I am a fellow Gamer, someone who gave you a heads-up of your upcoming doom and you can't do this much?"

Well, that God guy is strong, if I must – I would rather flee from world-to-world than fight him, truth be told. 

"I- sigh… alright, I am gonna be honest, I have no way to negotiate other than using the excuse that they treated you like shit too - I just hate those pair of father and daughter so much, fucking pigs. Don't tell me you don't feel the same? Are you fucking Deku who would forgive them even though they hurt you, super rough? Even though, 30 years later, they would come knocking on your doors again with the intention to kill you and your loved ones?"

I- I don't want that. I don't know what you mean by 'loved ones' since I don't even think I would come to love many people in this life, but the few I do, I would surely get attached. There are some people I really want to get close to in My Hero Academia. But if I have to have death battles with Gods along with them - I don't see a future where they don't die.

You have a point… basically you are saying since they would come looking for me, to kill me, I should kill them too? It's convincing, I am up for a fight. But I still won't ràpe. Never.

Call me a snowflake. I don't care.

"Seriously? You are hesitating if you should ràpe the bitch who tried to kill you or not? Well… a gamer with morals isn't really the best thing, but you do you, meh."

I am not 'hesitating', I am just saying what is on my mind. I hate that woman too, she is the one to call those Gods on me, after all. And her fiery slashes hurt a lot. But I… I have promised a person special to me that I would never ràpe, not even if my life is on the line.

"Interesting… who was it that you– oh, oops. Almost got personal, haha." The texts stopped appearing for a second before continuing. "Well, that's a bummer. Anyway, now, even though I just said I have nothing to give you, here is something. I had a few unused stat points, and since I can't give you my other stats (trust me, I would if I could) just take these."

[Ding! You have acquired 10 stat points from UnknownGamer69, The Demon King of Light and Darkness!]

Okay…? A nice title, and the chunni part makes it better. You're cool, thanks for the gift, and I change what I said, I like you.

"Aww, so cute. Since I like you too, here is another piece of information. Your LUCK stat might buy you more time against them if you have enough points in LUCK - like decades of time, don't underestimate it…. Oh, and your Quirk, that's something-!!" 

The texts stopped appearing suddenly. 

"COUGH- aww, this red bastard." The texts stopped again. 

Is he messaging from the time he was fighting that God?

"Ahem, sorry about that, looks like time is up. Make sure to kill that bitch even if you don't r*pe her! Bye, Neji!"

And with that, the hologram letter got shredded to pieces.

What a guy. Fucker first fucked up bad, then tied me to this fuckfest, then even asked me to ràpe people, but at the end he showed me a path towards freedom.

'Let's get strong.'

And just like that, Three Years passed by.




Author's Note:

Well, that's the Premise the novel would run around. I didn't want the Gods to just there be for plot – it only makes sense for them to search for him if they were nervous enough to try so hard to kill him.

Also, as for why literal "Gods" would need 30 FUCKING years to look for someone – that's not a plot hole, it would be explained when the time comes.

Thanks for reading!

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