195 195: Status Cutter

Chapter 195: Status Cutter

Outside the Cube Omniverse, within the region of Prime Omniverse, there existed a dimension called [Nowhere]. 

The place where Primal Gods dwelled.

Primal Gods, the entities who existed from the beginning of time, and some going even before "time" even began. They were the creator Gods of the Omniverse, the rulers of reality and dreams. 

However, even these rulers had a King of their own. He, the first living existence, being born from the void, is the entity that witnessed the creation of the universe that had yet to become an Omniverse. 

The one supreme god of everything, the Voidborn, The Primordial Deity.

When he was born, naked in the void, the Primordial was but a twisting life made of darkness. But now, he had bulging veiny muscles, deep red skin, and white hair covering the golden horns in his head. The God covered his waist and below with rich black pants that were held by a golden belt with a demon's head sculpted on it. To play with the theme, he had his aura manipulated to form a solid gold hagoromo around his neck, along with a gold halo on his back.

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Many mistook him for a demon at first sight, but God or Demon, they weren't so different in his eyes. So, he didn't care to change his appearance.

Today, this beast of an entity wore a displeased expression as he walked past a heavenly door.

"It has been a day and a half since the Gamer has escaped." The deity said, his voice sounding like the burning of woods as he walked inside a room with his hands behind his back. "Why is it taking so long to find him, a single man?"

His words were calm, the annoyance of his face not reaching his voice, yet it irritated the person he was talking to nonetheless.

The only person, besides his wife, who would dare make an irritated front in front of him. 

His beloved daughter.

"It's not you who's working hard." His dear daughter, Fotia the Fire-Goddess, grumbled hearing his words. "You don't just come here and act all full of yourself. Have some respect, yeah?"

The young lady with fiery red hair grumbled, making the thousand other gods present in the room sweatdrop. She was already punished before for her behaviour, locked in the Neutral Zone, yet she hadn't learned her lesson.

However, Primordial found this adorable, if anything. So, he waved his hands at the other gods, gesturing for them to keep on their search.

The huge room he had just walked into was a modern, almost futuristic huge hall, filled with beings, Gods, who stood in front of thousands of holographic Cubes placed symmetrically on both sides of the wall. In front of the gods, the cubes were opened, each reflecting a crystal clear hologram, showing planets, stars, black holes, galaxies, and universes, one could guess that all the Cubes were one magical map of the Cube Omniverse.

They were looking for something, or specifically someone, using that map.

"Apologises, my dear." Primordial said, his voice unusually soft since he was talking to his daughter. "And my apologies, I said something useless even though I already know the reason for this delay."

"I could guess. But it's not my fault he's so lucky!" His little girl grunted before sighing and looking at her father. "Father, first of all, the Cube Gods do not see us favourably, same with the Cube Omniverse's Will, weakened as it might be. With their interference, it's hard to look for the Gamer's existential signature. Secondly, the cube is much bigger than the prime, remember? Though it would have taken seconds to find him if he was in the Prime, with the Cube's size and the interferences, as you can see so many Primal Gods can't find him even after a day and a half."

She squinted her eyes at him. "Unless, you know, we just go and attack the Cube Gods, wage war on them and look for the brat afterwards."

"That is not a good idea." Primordial denied her proposal, making the slight glint in her eyes dry again. "The Gamer isn't so important to start a war between the Cube and the Prime, not after so many aeons of peace."

Hearing that the Gamer wasn't important enough seemed to make the Goddess glare at him. Primordial knew why and shrugged.

Then, as if to taunt him, she blurted out, "Ya scared of those gods?" 

That made him chuckle softly.

"Oh silly daughter of mine, there are Omnipotent beings in Cube, a lot of them, yes, but don't forget who I am." He said, looking into her eyes. "I can do the impossible, I can kill Omnipotent beings, and you know it. I have done so before."

[Voidborn], that was he, the Icon of Paradoxes.

There always has been a question, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Likewise, what'd happen if two Omnipotent beings fight to the death?

The answer would be-... Well, it can't be answered. Both are goddamn Paradoxes. 

However, as the child of the Voidborn, the emptiness, the Primordial God had answers for all paradoxes, he had a solution for the impossible.


His daughter clicked her tongue at his words, working back into the 'hologram', but not for long. After staying silent for a minute, she stopped and asked a question. "Father, what… would we do if the Gamer has grown too strong for us?"


She didn't receive an answer immediately, so she looked at him. "I am not talking about you, father, I know he can't surpass you. I am talking about me and the others. Like, you wouldn't enter the Cube when we find him and go hunt him down, your going there will start a war,  that's why I and others will have to go, right? Like… last time." Her voice sounded slightly frightened when she said the last words, "But… What if we aren't strong enough? L-like last time?"

Primordial could see where she was going with it, and so he barely controlled himself from looking at her pitifully.

Time passed differently in different universes. That kid might have spent a millennium or more in some isolated universe, maybe growing so strong that he can break universes with a punch. 

Fotia was scared because she and her peers wouldn't be at their true power level within the cube, since the Will of the Cube Omniverse will actively suppress them, more so since the Will took a liking to that brat. 

In that case, what if the Gamer had become stronger than them, at least stronger than their suppressed selves?

"It seems old memories haven't left you yet, daughter," Primordial said gently, though there was slight anger under his voice too, but not directed towards her. "But no, I doubt he has lived that long. But assuming he did, how strong do you think he would have managed to become without Mana and Divinity?" There was silence from his daughter's side. "There are certain energies that can replace his blocked Mana, but there's nothing that can replace his blocked Divinity. He would be useless in a fight with Divine Beings if he can't use that, he would be nothing more than a cannon fodder."


Primordial sighed at his daughter's silence. She didn't seem so confident, the opposite even. He could understand why though, she was the one who faced the wrath of the previous Gamer the most. She was forced to watch her friends die, while her husband was forced to watch her as she was got r@ped by the Gamer before he was killed too.

His daughter was r@ped.

Not once.

Not twice.

But so many times. For a whole year. She was kidnapped and used like a sex doll for a whole year.

A fucking God faced such a fate at the hands of a mere mortal.

Primordial could still feel the sheer rage that passed through his veins that year.

So he could only imagine the sheer fear and anxiety that his daughter must be feeling.

"I understand." Primordial sighed and brought his arms in front of him. "When we find him before you go, I will give you that, the blade that can destroy all-"

Primordial was interrupted, all to his displeasure, as a bright red dot flashed in all the 'holograms'.

"This…" his daughter blinked. "A deviation? But it's so bright…"

"Step aside," Primordial stepped forward, moving his hand inside the hologram to zoom in and follow the light of deviation at a great speed. Once he reached the light, he saw who the deviation was.

A strange little girl who just reincarnated. From the looks of it, her soul could leap timelines. 

After reading her soul for a bit longer, he realised what she was.

A Regressor.

Why was a Regressor present in a My Hero Academia worldline? Did any of the Cube Gods interfere? If so, then why?


Primordial moved his hands, swiping the hologram to go back to the route that the deviated soul came from.


He couldn't find it.


His frown deepened.

A greater power was interfering. Not greater than him, of course, but greater than the divinity used on this search device, the Omniversal Map.

Was the interfering entity related to the deviated soul? No, no, that wouldn't make sense. If the entity was related, then they would have stopped him from looking at the deviated soul, not the place where the soul came from.


Primordial swiftly channelled his own Divinity into the device, watching as the 'veil' that had stopped his gaze shattered like glass and… he saw it, the world where the Gamer was in.

"Ah." He heard his daughter gasp, almost laughing. "Found him! Aha, it's only been 15 years!" 

Primordial wasn't so enthusiastic, though. Looking at the screen, as the scene was moving at a speed faster than light, he watched as the Gamer stole powers from the dead regressor, and he kept watching until a point came where he realised this gamer had become slightly dangerous.

Divinity or Mana, he might have none, but he had Meta Abilities, and at this rate, he will have a lot of them. Enough to match, or maybe even defeat the suppressed Gods that'd go after him.

"Father, I will call on a team and go there immediately!"

"No," Primordial rejected his daughter gruffly, frowning as he tried to open a portal to that world but felt a resistance. 

He could still open a rift if he kept it up for a few minutes, but this at least proved that the being from before was still trying to cover up for the Gamed. But who would dare? 

If not for the fact that his powers didn't have much influence inside the Cube from this area, Primordial would have found out who the rascal was and annihilated them.

 "Something… or someone is interfering." He let his daughter know. "The Gamer also looks decently powerful. He has grown dangerous. You can't go yet."


"No buts." Primordial turned to her, looking into her eyes. "I am slowing down the time of [Nowhere], matching it as close as I can with the world where the Gamer is residing. Because I need a bit of time to prepare something before you go."

His daughter's eyes widened. "Wait, you mean…" 

He nodded. "Yes, I am talking about the Anti-Gamer weapon that was half completed." The thing that was made to specifically be used against a Gamer. "The Void Sword, forged from my blood and soul, the [Status Cutter]."

His daughter's eyes shook. "You are going to finish it finally…?" She asked in disbelief before jumping to hug him, "I love you so much!"

Of course, he would complete it, even if it weakened him temporarily. After his daughter was molested by the previous gamer and therefore killed by the Primordial, that rascal had threatened him before his death that the next gamer would take revenge for all this. So, naturally, Primordial needed a way to avoid a similar situation that'd stop him from helping his daughter like last time, a weapon that'd keep his daughter safe even if he wouldn't be able to interfere by himself.

Primordial, to all his glory, simply patted his daughter's head.

"Prepare a battalion. We wouldn't take a chance this time around." He said, "Once you leave for him, I want you to return only after his ashes perish."

This Gamer, like the last, would die as well. However, this one in particular will die one meaningless death.




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