184 184: Dilemma? No. (2)

Chapter 184: Dilemma? No. (2)

It's been centuries since she last met him… four centuries to be precise.

Her previous life didn't have Neji, he wasn't even given birth to. Though she did later on capture Neji's parents and then forced them to conceive multiple children, none turned out to be Neji. There were a few girls with white hair and blue eyes, and even a few boys-  but none were Neji.

She only realised midway what she was doing wrong.

Of course, Neji wouldn't be born like that, that's not how it worked. Even if they looked exactly like him, it wouldn't be him. He was an existence of his own, he was a unique individual who became that way because of the way he lived.

That's when she killed herself to start her life anew.

Even so, something was wrong with this "Neji" too.

The first time she met Neji was in her 1st life when the boy was chosen by the World's Will, given many overpowered quirks, as he was given the job to free Southern Asia from Nawab. He failed of course, but Nawab took a fancy to him and kept him locked in her room for a decade or two. They had fun, he never openly gave up or accepted her, but she came to like him.

She was killed by him at last, betrayed one day when she trusted her back to "Neji".

But she didn't mind, she was sad but not angry, she could understand his pain.

She had accepted death like that, but never in her life did she expect to be reborn- to return in time. She didn't have any quirk like that, that just came out of nowhere, from a realm beyond this. She took the chance and this time, instead of imprisoning him, she went to Japan when Neji was born and lived there to go study in the UA-High with him.

This time, she lived a fulfilling life with Neji, before he cheated on her back and she killed him, enraged due to his betrayal. Only later did she realise her fault and came to regret it all, thereafter going into a rage kill around the world before being put down in her place, killed by being teamed up upon by Heroes she came to befriend in that life. 

She regressed again.

But in her 3rd life, she found no Neji. He wasn't given birth and she did something disgusting, before suiciding again.

That's why, this time around, she didn't go to Japan, nor did she kidnap him. Instead, she sent two "Bees" to keep Neji in tabs. As planned, she killed one of those two "Bees" in a very 'natural' way and made the other one get a job in Neji's parents' house.

Sugihara Kimi.

Things were fine, except this "Neji" felt very weird, very different, and very mature for his age.

A question popped up in her mind, could it be that he also Regressed??

Nawab continued to observe everything through Kimi's eyes until that maid woman dared to **** her Neji one day.

That was the moment when she wanted to go and crush that bitch's head, but she ultimately realised it was her fault for giving her most important bee a faulty quirk. So she controlled herself.

That was the greatest decision of her life, she realised as days passed and Neji made Kimi submit.

Nawab, watching through Kimi's eyes, felt so proud, so touched and so pleased as she saw her man take revenge on her (although indirectly) for keeping him as a slave in her first life.

As days passed, Nawab came to realise that "Neji" wasn't the one she knew, he was someone different, someone, who didn't regress, but was in fact someone completely different. He had unexplainable powers, something that confused Nawab a lot, many many times. 

However, by then, she had come to love this Neji too, she couldn't hurt him, interrogate him, even though she wanted to.

Since then, she's been watching Neji all day long using Kimi's eyes. She regretted not making Kimi a mindless Bee from the start. Now that bitch reads manga in her free time instead of sucking his dick as she should.

More irritatingly, she lost her "connection" with Kimi around 2 months ago, when she entered the weird dimensional space. That connection was never fixed.

That's what brought her here, watching as Neji most certainly looked into her quirks with one of his powers, watching as he fell into a dilemma.

She previously wanted to devour Kimi because of the two months of missing memory from her mind, she didn't want to miss a second of him after all. But that needed a change of plans, now that his parents were killed by one of her people.

She couldn't kill his "Harem" because that would make him mad and sad, she couldn't see him like that. So she needed to make a deal with him to leave the girls alive as long as he became her and hers alone.

She wasn't into sharing, after all.

"Oh, are you observing me now? I see. Do you finally realise who I am, my love?"

Neji was silent for a moment.


Before he shook his head.

"No, it doesn't matter."

Nawab blinked.


"No, it doesn't matter."

Neji sighed, shaking his head before he glared at the woman in the air.

"Oi, you. I know why you're here, but let's make it clear, 'whoever' you met in your other lives, that wasn't me. I can guarantee."

If "he" were the one who met Nawab in her past life, he would have told her to come and warn him of the future. No, she would have come here by herself knowing about the appearance of the Gods.

She met him in timelines where he didn't exist,

[That is true, Master.]

Said the system, suddenly.

[You are a Singular being. "You", as you are, only exist in this timeline. There are certainly Nejis in other timelines, but they don't have the gamer system, and nor are they reincarnated people. They are natural-borns of this world.] 

That did it. That confirmed it. This woman loved Neji, but not the Neji that was the wielder of the Gamer System.


She was safe to kill.

Then, Neji called out an outerversal power in his body.

"I want you, Neji Hado." The woman suddenly said, her tone taking a sudden domineering turn before Neji could move his [Divinity]. "Become mine, join me, and your girls will live. Especially that cat woman."

She blitzed, but Neji didn't move to stop her. He knew what she was doing was just a threat.

Nawab touched Kimi, holding her by the neck softly.

"You saw my Queen Bee quirk right?" Neji nodded at her question, even as Kimi looked into Nawab's eyes fearlessly. "Kimi Sugihara, she's a Bee. A mere clone of mine, even though she does have her own mind. Ujir was a Bee too, and you saw what happened to her. I can do the same to Kimi- no, I will do the same to Kimi if you don't follow me like a good boy."

So Kimi was a bee.


Looking at Kimi's expression, the surprised yet confused face she made, Neji realised what happened.

She might be a Bee, Nawab had no reason to lie on that, but she was still Kimi. Her memories might be false, but he didn't love her because of her memories, he loved her because of who she was.

And she was Kimi, not a mere Bee or whatever.

So, Nawab's words, true they might be, were meaningless in Neji's ears.

"Haah, Bee? That's a lot of bullshit coming from a voyeur." He said as Nawab froze.

Neji had a [Quirk Exp Card] that he gained from the Quirk Hunt quest a few days ago.

He wasn't planning to use it on Surge though, because he had a better idea now.

He put all his quirks under "One-for-All", he even put Mine under it.

He wanted to do this after gaining dozen more quirks that he desires, but there was no choice now.

'System, use the Card on One-for-All.'

The system did so.

[Quirk, One-for-All has evolved!]

[Due to the special characteristic of One-for-All that allows all the quirks within it to grow along with it, all the quirks have levelled up as well!]

[Due to "Surge"  being max levelled, it has evolved as well!]

This was why he intended to do this after gaining more quirks.

[Would you like to change their names?]


[One-for-All - Level 1: A stockpile quirk that has a lot of power stored within it, it also makes the wielder's other quirks grow stronger over time.

-This quirk now breaks logic. Along with lending the user the powers stored within the quirk, One-for-All also allows the user to multiply his base powers.

-The multiplication rate increases by 50% at each level.

-Current multiplication rate- 300%]

[Surge - Level 1: Previously a quirk that let the user create shockwaves.

-Users can now manipulate existing shockwaves as well.

-Users can also create and control Kinetic Energy. (Click to expand)]

Kinetic Energy Manipulation.

Different from Nejire's potential energy manipulation, but quite close, so the evolution was understandable.

But, Neji doubted if this would be enough for a woman who can move at the speed of lightning.

So, after ordering the System to put all the quirks in their previous spots, away from under OFA, he pulled out his final cards. 


Neji's aura suddenly changed.

The blue mana around him took a turn and became silver in color.

What is the difference between a Mortal and a God?

A God has Divinity.

As a temporary God, Neji had divinity as well.

[You have unlocked Temporary Divinity!]

[Due to the presence of multiple races within you, your divinity is growing special!]

[Divinity- "Avatar Selection" has been unlocked! This allows you to choose three avatars based on your three races- Human, Feline, and Reptile!]

[Divinity- "Dragon's Authority" has been unlocked! You have gained a draconic presence that strengthens your "actions" significantly!]

[Divinity- "Feline Icon" has been unlocked! You can make a person suddenly become lazy momentarily, like that of a cat, just with a gesture.]

[Due to your special race, Draconic High Cat Human, and your new "Boosting" ability, you have gained a portion of the authority of a certain "Vanishing Dragon, Albion"!]

[Divinity- "Divine Dividing" has been unlocked!]

At the last notification, Neji's body changed, the silver divinity encircling around him to give him a white draconic armour and white-and-blue wings.

He wasn't the only one who changed.

"Choose Avatar: Ryuko Tatsuma, Kimi Sugihara, Nejire Hado."

The Dragon, Cat and Human reacted.

Blue mana burst out of their bodies, and they realised the situation from Neji's single gaze.

Nawab was thrown back slightly at the burst of Mana from Kimi. Using that chance, Kimi grabbed Momo and Rumi before running off, along with Nejire and Ryuko.

The three of them knew they were a nuisance in this scenario.

They knew they were useless here.

So they ran.

Nawab blinked, looking at them as she tried to follow, only to be stopped by Neji's hand reaching out and grabbing her arm.


Nawab was surprised at his speed.

"Divine Divide."


Her face twisted in horror next as a portion of her power left her, entering Neji's body like a surge of energy.

Her Tier dropped from Low-11 to Peak-10 again.

Then, even as Nawab moved away, skipping out in the air, Neji followed easily.

Neji could tell that she knew he would kill her, even if she didn't want that to happen

"This is the difference between me and the Nejis you know." 

He spoke, following her Lightning Speed and blitzing through the clouds, even as she tried to come up with a plan.

"I am playing a game."

But her plans would fail in front of a true God.




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