The Cursed Child of Arrenquile
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The Cursed Child of Arrenquile


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What is The Cursed Child of Arrenquile

The Cursed Child of Arrenquile is a popular web novel written by the author roxane2361, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF, DRAGON, WITCH, FEMALEPROTAGONIST, FAIRY, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 16.3K readers . The novel is being serialized to 56 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Can we still call it love, if we aren't meant to be?" ----------------- Rayenne Erden Arrenquile is the untitled King's daughter that grew up inside the only land where humans can survive. However, her existence is being questioned, when she is able to attract numerous invisible nymphs beside the Royal Garden of Arrenquile, not to mention the constant howling of wolves near the border whenever she passes by. She grew up believing that she is strange, that her mother is wrong and the Queen of Suttern is at fault, for making her turn like this. At age sixteen, she decides to leave Arrenquile, wanting to reverse back the only thing that makes her different. She wanted justice. By all means, even if she has to kill her. The Queen of Suttern. Elleryn Suttern. But when she finally arrives there, the revelation upon layers of secrets, starts to crumble her faith. Not to mention, she begins to fall in love with the Crown Prince. ----------------- Things to consider if you want to click the read button: Third Person Omniscient Stand Alone of other existing novel (Read Author's Note) Multiple Arcs Multiple Perspective Slow Romance (ML fall in love first, but they need to solve what stand on their way) Set in Different World of Fantasy. Where Human is very scarce (will be explained further inside the novel) Female Protagonist turns Powerful Overtime Male Protagonist Fall in Love First Age Gap Between FL and ML (4 years) Fairies, Werewolf, Vampire, Witches, Dragon and more. Magic Existence within Kingdom settings. Currently in consideration of editing and revising this novel. Open to criticism and comments about my writings. I really want to write something worth remember. Thank you


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Can I just say, I'm absolutely in love with your choice of names, they're soo good. I read the first few chapters and fantasy being a really common genre, your book definitely stands out. I love the little excerpts at the start and end and the story is gripping. My favorite character....well, I can't decide between Ruby and Estalle, they're really dope. This is definitely going in my library. 😁😁👌👌.


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