6 Ch 6 - A Predator Saves

You open your eyes, lying down, and moan a little due to the head pain that you had. You look at your surroundings and it seems like you are inside the pine forest with pine trees in every corner of the forest floor. The trees are gently swaying in the night breeze, producing a Melody, which is sweet to your ear. The moon is in it's highest peak and shinning brightly, making the forest look like a magical realm.

You look to your left and end up staring at two cat like eyes which is about four feet away. You get frightened and back up a little. The figure similarly, takes a step forward, the moonlight now shinning on his face. You look at his features carefully. His features were beautifully carved and he looked like a porcelain doll. He had pale skin and tube eyes, just like cats have. Not to mention but he was shirtless, and wore a black skinny jeans.

For an instance, you were mezmerized by him, and click out of it when you speak,"Who-who are you?"

"I am Taehyung." He replies you with a melodious sound, making you feel a little relived. But yet, the sweetest stranger can be dangerous.

You stand up straight on the forest floor, as you were not feeling weak like before. Suddenly you notice a pair of jet black wings and remember the incident that happened yesterday. Black feathers were found near the dead body and the body was also brutally scratched. You assumed that it was Taehyung who was preying on him.

Your eyes widens in fright but you don't run away, the dumbest thing that anyone would do in this situation. You try to speak something but your throat became dry. You gulp and speak, your heart beating fast inside your chest,"Are you gonna eat me?"

A dumb question comes out of your mouth and you purse your lips due to it. Your brain was seriously not working in that situation at all.

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The figure, apparently whose name is Taehyung take some steps and comes to you. You don't move at all, because your feets were unluckily stuck on that spot. You don't understand that what he was going to do because he had a poker face since you met him.

He leans forward and finally your stuck feets move back. He was still walking towards you. You stop when you hit a tree trunk with your back and now you were breathing heavily, your heart still beating fast.

He arrives you and locks you with his both arms on your both sides. He leans forward until his lips were brushing your ears. Your cheeks start to heat up due to his actions.

He whispers sassily,"No. I am not gonna eat you."

He then moves away and stares into your eyes intensely, probably the first reaction that you understood since you met him.

You stare back at him, and notice glass pieces on his chest and collar bone. They were so small that you were not able to see them earlier. Suddenly you remember the situation before you fainted.

You had heard the glass shattering and probably it was Taehyung who saved you.

Tears start to emerge your eyes and you quickly wipe them away before they fall.

You take in a deep breath and ask,"Did you save me from the fire?"

Taehyung too takes a deep breath and nods, his eyes still glued to your own eyes.

"Why did you save me? You are a predator, I know that."

Taehyung blinked several times and opens his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by someone known to you.


You both look in the direction of the voice and find Jimin at a far end. You start to run towards him out of glee.

He probably didn't notice you because he was looking in another direction. You pounce on him and you both were about fall, when Jimin balanced himself.

He laughed out of happiness so did you.

"What are you doing here?" Jimin asks you grinning and panting at the same time.

You look behind where you were talking to Taehyung, but didn't find him. He probably flew away seeing Jimin.

"Oh it's a long story." You didn't want to tell Jimin about Taehyung, because you wanted to keep him a secret. Your secret.

"But first tell me, how did you find me?" You questioned him.

"So, I tried to open the door but it didn't t even crack a little. Then I decided to force in. I searched for you, but the house was empty and most of the things were burning down. Then I found a shattered window, and thought that it must be you who broke it to escape. I then..."

"Okay, okay," You interrupted Jimin because you were not able to understand his single word,"Let's just go back."

Jimin nodded and you both start walking back home. You look behind where you were with Taehyung and thought,'I will find you someday.'

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