2 The Dark History

In 1954 there was a well known family in the whole village The Gomes family which was run by Mr John Gomes and was a really cruel person by heart he didn't belive in love and happiness but once he got married his life was completely changed he was back to a normal person as he was married to Mrs Sara Gomes he completely changed himself and believed that with love you can change anyone and everything.Months flew by and then Sara got pregnant they were really excited to have their first child. But after then John was sad about something for days and was not telling the reason behind it but after Sara asking many times he told her a dark secret. What was it? Actually before marrying Sara John had committed a sin that he had hit an old woman. So the woman in pain had cursed that whoever will be his first child whether boy or a girl they will have black,dark heart. But that time he ignored her because he knew that he was never going to marry . But now he is regretting but Sara told Love can change everything. But both knew they can't do anything was there any solution to their problem ? Who will help them? Let's see in the next chapter. 😃

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