1 The Enlightenment.

The sky was pitch black, under the heavy rain there sat a boy on the cliff who looked no more ten years old. His eyes were shut tight and his forehead sweating like the Yellow River. He had a fair complexion and long black hair and very delicate features. He had luxurious robes.

The sound of thunder crackling came and went. With a loud bang a red colored thunder hit the boy. His little fellow's name was Yang Tian, he was a main family member of the prestigious Yang Clan, but circumstances made him run away from his home.

Inside the Raging Horse City which was the capital of the Aurora Country, the streets were as busy as they could be. The crowd of people looked like a cluster of ants rushing to their hill. An old man was staring at the sky from his window when suddenly the Red Thunder fell down. His eyes widened in disbelief while suddenly he heard the voice of a young girl.

"Grandpa! Why is that thunder red? I've never seen one like it before!", the young girl was asking this old man whose jaw was dropped and eyes were widened like two full moons. The old man regained his composure and said "Xue'er a different type of thunder can only be seen when someone is going through a divine tribulation, but the tribulation thunder is not one single thunder, there will be various thunders when there is a tribulation.."

"But this kind of Red Thunder that is on fire, I've never seen it nor heard of it, and it was just a single thunder. It really is a strange phenomenon. Come lets go and see where the thunder fell, maybe it is some meteor with some heavenly artefacts or gifts." The girl nodded in a cute way and the both of them left toward the White Forest.

Yang Tian opened his eyes and lips widened blooming a smile. "I've finally attained a divine enlightenment, the heavens have yet to forsake me.. hahaha." After laughing like a drunk fool he suddenly realised something. "Oh crap! the Red Thunder must have definitely drawn some attention.. I'd better leave.. wait a minute, lets hide and see whose attention this little stunt of mine had caught."

Yang Tian hid near the bushes two miles away form the cliff, to his surprise, he noticed that the cliff was on fire and he was sitting there just a moment ago. He was shocked, a sudden thought flashed across his mind " That fire didn't harm me, hell I even just noticed it maybe I'm immune to fire?" he then shook his head and kept staring at the cliff.

After fifteen minutes a lot of people could be seen among them were the Patriarchs of the Yang, Huo and Gu clans and the Old man along with granddaughter and many other famous people of the capital. Yang Tian thought to himself "Not bad Tian, will you look at that, so many important figures were drawn, you will sure grow into something great.. hehe" then Yang Tian left to the Yang Clan's house.

It had a huge gate with the emblem of Sun on it and the household was as big and spacious as a palace. As soon as Yang Tian entered, he heard a voice filled with ridicule "Hey Trash, did you forget our bet, you must now leave the Yang household, what are you still doing here?" the youth who spoke was the twelve year old Yang Zuxi. He had made a bet with Yang Tian that if he lost to Yang Zuxi he must leave the clan and is not allowed to come back for the next 5 years.

Yang Tian replied "Aren't you a fast one, don't worry I'm leaving tomorrow morning and will only stay the night." "Hmph.. don't you dare go back on what you said." ridiculed Zuxi. Yang Tian went to the Yang Clan's library and then took a book named "The Son of Heavens -- The history of the Tianshi Continent" and went to his room. Yang Tian closed his eyes and suddenly he could an entrance to some sort of building. He entered it in his consciousness and looked around. It was like some library filled with books, suddenly the library started to collapse and all the books and information started to flow into the head of Yang Tian.

Yang Tian felt like head was being pierced by a million needles, his eyes started to bleed and he fell unconscious on the ground. When he woke up, it was already morning and he could feel the knowledge in his head. He screamed with ecstasy "Finally, I have achieved the wisdom of the heavens.. I will no longer be the trash I was and now I'll start cultivating as soon as I leave this place."

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