The Cuddle Pact
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The Cuddle Pact


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What is The Cuddle Pact

The Cuddle Pact is a popular web novel written by the author papersplanes, covering ROMANCE, BILLIONAIRE, HEARTBREAK, RELATIONSHIP, HUMOUR, INSOMNIA, CUDDLE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 845.1K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 58 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 36 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Sebastian Harrington wasn't your usual billionaire. He wasn't a playboy, nor did he have a new woman on his arm every week. He was most definitely not a ladies' man, despite his heavenly dashing good looks. So, how he managed to muster up the confidence to actually flirt with Mira Casey was unbeknownst to him, especially after he hurled her into the world of fame, just because she was the first woman he openly - yet drunkenly - made out with. And in order to compensate for that, Mira was granted a deal. Initially, a financial one, but things took an interesting turn when she required him to sleep with her. And thus the cuddle pact was born.


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Loved this book, it had me on such an emotional rollercoaster crying like a mess one minute then smiling the next. I'm hoping there will me another book a bout Mira and Seb.


The Cuddle Pact...The title alone has already caught my attention! And the synopsis nailed it! Now, comes chapter 1...wow! Wonderful! Every chapter hasn't disappointed me. Every beginning is an enticement to keep on going because of the language used by the author. The development of the story is simply amazing. Interconnection among the characters is truly felt from the very start. You can't encounter much brain twisting scenarios, except when trying to think ahead of Sebastian's problem. Love is written all over the chapters. ML and FL are really amazing! The FL being the one to suggest the pact excites whoever reads this story. And the ML? Anybody can visualize how he looks because of the way the author uses descriptive words. Plus...the way he treats the FL...simply lovelovelove


Ahhh I love this so much. The author is so talented and didn’t rush us into the love story. I love the chemistry and this whole story made me blush


This story really dives into ones soul. it’s not like any normal romance novel. instead its a sweet one that’s also relatable. It tells us how we as humans can have fears, broken hearts and internal conflicts. After all we all have emotions. So, yeah this story is very extra and unique. I used to only “enjoy” bad-boys as male leads but this honestly proved me wrong. As the story develops we get to know more about the characters personalities and so on. Definitively something worth it!


I am literally in love with this book. I'm not so much into writing reviews but this made me to do one. plz read this once and you'll be mesmerized by the flow of it.a must read


Thank you author for sharing your wonderful idea. I love it thou I find some loopholes, still the plot is really good. It is funny and makes you excited...a rollercoaster of emotion. The twist you made for some chapters got me hahaha...thank u!


I super love this novel. It is short and I think it's also the first time where I don't feel like the slow romance between the leads is dragging. Slow and sweet. The characters and the scenarios are very relatable. It also proves that you don't need too many evil villains or problems here and there to make the story great. Sometimes, just fighting are own inner demons are enough complications. For those who love reading romance novels like me, I definitely recommend this.


If you love Romance then this is a book for you to read. I truly RECOMMENDED this for you. The Author have written this novel nicely and believe me, its worth it in your library collection. The Author really know how to lay out the plot. Give it a try. Its short and its FREE and its very GOOD.


Such a beautiful story! I can't believe I almost missed out on this gem. I laughed, cried and gushed throughout the story. I'm so glad they got their happy ending because if someone deserves it, those two do. Looking forward to more great stories dear author 😘


Such a sweet story about love, insecurities, overcoming them. Actually deals with human emotions. Thoroughly enjoyed reading 😊. Lovely plot


This was an amazing story which genuinely tugged my heartstrings.... Just after reading the first few chapters, you will realize that this story is addicting... U won't stop until you finish this... The chemistry between Sebastian and Mira is amazing... I loved this..😍


Reveal spoiler


So sweet story, an emotional roller coster ride. Love all plot and twists. Such a simple yet an extraordinary love story...♥️ Please release 1 more chapter of their wedding and kids


I just simply love his novel . Loved every chapter of it. Short sweet and very refreshing. Just couldn't stop reading at all. A beautiful story filled with love,laughter, joys and sorrow ..tears of laughter and sadness. Very touching and bringing a smile to your face. Loved it author. Truly amazing. Look forward to reading your other works.


That was just not a story but it's real thing....i was obessed with this when i just read only 2 chapters.. And the feelings that was shared and the storyline from average to bestest ever was like damn true...it was like so real...it had sorrow, happiness, excitement and love for ever... I just can't put my feelings into words that how am i feeling right now after reading thiss...like i am screaming out of joy.. literally... I really really and really wanted to suggest this book to one and everyone....for once Thanks for such a beautiful and hearty story AUTHOR ❣️


Reveal spoiler


This book is such a breath of fresh air! I liked that the developments weren’t super fast, and it felt like a real-time movement instead. It was really enjoyable, albeit short. I’m actually glad it wasn’t spread out to 100+ chapters, though. I think justice was done in the development of the story and characters.


This was a heartbreakingly sweet, enjoyable story. I really appreciated the depth to the characters and that the heroine wasn’t a totally whining mess.


This was a short story but very interesting. i could not stop reading it.it was nice to see a different storyline. The main characters have an instant attraction bUt have to work on their communication and opening up to one another, evolving into this wonderful love story.


This story took me on a trip. I loved every minute of it. I would recommend this to anyone. It's sweet and deals with the deep level of love most writers don't get into. So thank you, writer, and anyone interested give it a read!


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